My Goal

As I have mentioned in past posts, I have been wearing my Hudson jeans too frequently!  Therefore, my goal this week is to find buy some coloured denim before our challenge ends on Friday.

I have been to several stores both big and small. I have tried on mint, royal blue, light blue and green. I have tried skinny, super skinny and Capri.

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But I still have no coloured denim. But I am determined and hope to report back soon with my success!

Out of sight ? Not really.

So, today is day 12 of our challenge. I have been organizing my closet during our challenge and in order to prevent myself from grabbing a grey top so easily, I hid moved them all to a high shelf in the corner of my closet.

Out of sight, out of mind? No, not really. I can still see them. I am feeling a little lackluster today. Maybe it’s the grey clouds, or maybe I’m a little tired. I have burgundy coloured denim on the bottom and I am wearing a white shirt with grey stripes with grey converse runners. The outfit actually works and I like it, but I am a little disappointed that I reached for this shirt. Then again, it’s not fair to punish this shirt just because it has grey stripes, is it ?