My “new” list

Last week, the Monday Listicles wanted to know what your favourite new things were, but I was a little disorganized last week, so I never made my list.  This week, it’s a free style list – list your own top 10 whatevers!

So, I’m going back to last week and I’m going to list my 10 favourite new things (in no particular order):

  1. Shoes, boots, runners (tennis shoes), flip flops – basically any new footwear!
  2. Books – I love cracking the spine and turning the pages of a new book.
  3. Magazines – I have a subscription to 3 monthly magazines and I love the day they arrive.
  4. Friends – I have met a few in the past years and am so glad they are people I now call a friend.
  5. Movies – it is so much fun to see a new movie and thankfully, there have been a lot of them recently.
  6. Notebooks – I love writing in a brand new notebook with clean pages.
  7. Lists – I make a new to-do list every Monday.
  8. Tricks – when our dog does a new trick, it makes all of us smile!
  9. Chocolate – opening a new dark chocolate with sea salt bar – mmm!!
  10. Make up – I don’t wear a lot, but I love getting new product to try and use.



Creature Comforts

Stasha and the Monday Listicles wanted to know the 10 things that give us comfort.  Being that today is Remembrance Day, I know that living in Canada gives me comfort.  My home and my family are obvious choices and since these things go without saying, I am not going to put them on my list.

I am thinking more of creature comforts; those little extras that make day to day life enjoyable.

Here are my creature comforts (in no particular order):

  1. morning coffee – usually it is a latte and it is just the way I start my day
  2. my dog – she is still a pup and drives me crazy, but I love life with a dogIMG_4484
  3. new shoes – pretty much any kind of new footwear makes me smile
  4. chocolate – milk chocolate is good, but dark chocolate with sea salt relaxes me
  5. time with my friends – we don’t get together often, but is fun to be with them
  6. hand cream – lots of different kinds – my hands are addicted
  7. my iphone – just because of all the wonderful things I can do with it
  8. good food – pasta with a few glasses of wine is so comforting
  9. pedicures – any time of year!
  10. magazines – I get several subscriptions and love when I find them in the mailbox

Here’s hoping that today I get to take advantage of some of my creature comforts.