Family Foto Fun

It’s seems to be that time of the year when everyone seems to get family photos done.   Up until 2 years ago, our family photos were pretty sporadic.  Most of the time, I was the one taking the pictures and I never seemed to make it into a picture.  Other times, the kids, dog and husband and I couldn’t seem to look at the camera at the same time, so the pictures were, well, they were fun to look at, but they weren’t something I would frame.

So, when we started elementary school, the school made it easy with a Family Foto night.  You pay a small sitting fee, get 15 different poses and then order your favourite.  Easy peasy.  Well, it was easy peasy until Pinterest made me think about coordinating outfits.  You know those pins where the whole family is colour coordinated in complementary, yet matching outfits.

Like this:


or this:


or this:40046f73c5be70b02160901c0dcb6045

They look lovely, don’t they?  Well, maybe this last one is just a little too much grey?

Anyway, I was feeling overwhelmed, so I started hunting on Pinterest and found some helpful bits of advice:


This site lays out so much information.  She’s a professional family photographer and knows exactly what we need.  Just a pick a colour and there are lots of ideas to help coordinate outfits.

But guess what?  It overwhelmed me.  So, I started to look through our closets to see what might work.   As you can see in this picture, I started with blue, grey and burgundy (or would you call it marsala?).IMG_5779

After much debate and frustration, I narrowed our choices down to this:


I’m pretty pleased with the colours as they seem to be on trend this Fall and I hope the photos turn out.  If not, at least I’ll have a lot of time between now and next year to pin some more options!

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