Breaking Up is Hard to Do

A certain  ice-themed Disney movie features what should be my theme song. Let. It. Go. Seriously. Let it go.

I have had this Gap sweater for a long time. Years, in fact. So many years. I can’t even remember when I bought it. It’s been so long that I think I saw a character on One Tree Hill wearing it. No, I wasn’t watching the show myself. I happened to peek in on my daughter binge-watching over Christmas break.

I got a lot of wear out of this sweater. I wore it to work with a  scarf and with jeans…and a scarf. Mad props to Gap for making a sweater so durable. Up until the last couple of weeks and the last couple of wears, I thought it still looked pretty good. But I was wrong. It looks like I’ve had it and worn it as long and as many times as I have. Adios, Gap sweater!

Go back now almost 6 1/2 years. I’ve just turned 40 and I’m meeting one of my closest friends in New York for a few days of shopping and dining (and stalking Matt Lauer on the plaza).

Why shouldn’t I try the new trend? Why shouldn’t I wear boyfriend jeans from Levis? I’ll tell you why. Because the first boyfriend jeans were not cut for girls with bigger butts and thighs. But I talked myself into them and off I went. Big mistake. Huge. And, yes, that’s a quote from Pretty Woman, a movie my sis and I love and still quote regularly from.

So, since I am not currently starting a museum for things I’ve worn and shouldn’t have I am also bidding these jeans adieu.

It’s a new year, after all. Shouldn’t I try something new?

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No Grey Challenge #3

If you have been reading our blog for a couple years now, you will know that we started this as challenge to stop wearing grey for 50 days.  It had been a long cold, dreary winter and grey clothing had crept in every day from October to March and we were tired of it.  I wouldn’t say that we aced the challenge, but we made a pretty good attempt to add some colour to our lives.  You can read about our first year’s challenge here.  I also tried last year to do the 50 days of no grey challenge and I was partly successful.

So, today is Sunday April 12th and I actually started the 3rd Annual 50 Days of No Grey Challenge on April 1st.  Let’s call it a soft launch.  The first day was a complete fail.  I was in grey from head to toe.  Literally.  SO, I didn’t even bother to take a picture.  The second and third days were also filled with grey. However, the past few days I’ve managed to not wear any grey.

See this:

boyfriend jeans, white tee, long cardigan from Aritzia and my fav animal print slip ons.

And this:

new Flying Monkey jeans, new long style blue tee, faux leather jacket and ballet flats

And this:

Blue plaid shirt and Flying Monkey jeans

And this:

Madewell striped tee, Gap jacket, Flying Monkey jeans (again) and my fav slip ons

Just a short roundup of a few of my non-grey outfits over the past week.  I realize we are almost done the second week of my challenge and I’ll post a few more photos later this week.

After I try and plan something to wear that isn’t grey.

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Weekend Update

Today is Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day to my husband and to my Dad.  I hope they both enjoy the day!

I’m not sure where the past two weeks have gone, but I know I haven’t posted a thing!

That said, a few things have changed around here, so I’ll give you a little update.

  • the weather – it is sunnier and warmer
  • my kids’ baseball season  is finished – 2 months is a short season!
  • a week ago, I was on a girls’ weekend – yeah!
  • school is over – a sudden surprising strike vote and it looks like the school year is over 2 weeks early 😦

A few weeks ago, I took an afternoon to myself to check out the shops.   J. Crew, Zara, The Bay, Aritizia, Gap, TopShop, etc, etc..  I was getting very disappointed the longer I shopped, because I wasn’t finding anything (well, anything I wanted or that fit well…).  The first and last store I went into was Old Navy and guess what?   There I found exactly what I needed; boyfriend pants and a neutral long cardigan.  They fit so well with my wardrobe; grey pants and a greige sweater.

Camo t-shirt, greige sweater and grey boyfriend pants – all from Old Navy


Even though, it’s summer, my clothes are still 50 shades of grey…but they seem so much brighter in the sun.


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Pinned it and wore it

I saw this outfit on Pinterest and thought to myself….winner!  This is something I could easily wear day to day.   Then, I thought, how hard would this be to put together ?


Well, it was so easy!   I already had a pair of black jeggings from the Gap and a white tank.  I also had a pair of cognac brown boots that I had bought a couple years ago at DSW (love that store!).  I didn’t have a chambray shirt, so while I was wandering the mall on my own last week (a rare occurrence), I found this tunic style denim shirt at Old Navy.


The end result ?


Finally, after pinning so many pins, I finally put one to good use and I think I’ll do it again!

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It’s not easy being green. Oh, yes it is!

Since returning home from a fairly successful shopping weekend, I was pleased to read this story (click here)  in today’s Vancouver Sun.  It is all about how to be green!  In your wardrobe, not your home. 🙂   We will do colour in the home, but that will be another post.

The look is fresh and can be achieved in many ways; scarves, shoes, tops and coloured bottoms.  This weekend, my purchases managed to hit a few of those same categories and I have already started wearing them.

While I was shopping, I saw many options that would be easy for anyone to inject some green into their wardrobe:

IMG_2762 IMG_2765 IMG_2766

Sweat pants from GAP, necklace and purse from J. Crew.

Maybe Kermit knew something we didn’t.  It really is easy to be green.