Is it just me?

Or did the past 2 weeks fly by?

Our Spring Break is over, the weather has greatly improved and so has my wardrobe!

I have made a real effort the past 5 days to pay attention to what I am wearing and to not wear grey.  And you know what?  I like what I see!

I have always liked fashion and clothes. But, I have never (repeat never) been a trend setter or followed fashion in the magazines like my sister and friends. My idea of finding out what was new was to see what my sister and friends were buying and then go out and get one for myself.  I was always just a little behind and I wonder why…

This time feels different. I don’t want to be a trend setter, but I do want to feel good in what I am wearing – from head to toe and in between.

Here is picture of one of my weekend outfits:


Super simple; white tee, coloured denim and fun flats.  All were residing in my wardrobe just waiting to be put together.  Easy peasy.

Bring on the next 46 days!