Packing and Purging

I moved last week and for the past few months whenever anyone has asked what I was doing I answered “Packing and purging!” Because that’s ALL I’d been doing. I might be featured on an episode of Hoarders but that’s another post…
Anyways, while I am somewhat unpacked there has already been some of the usual casualties that result from moving: missing tape measure, broken vase etc…that was from the packing part.
The purging part resulted in finding my long lost original Grease album!




These are my Sid Dickens tiles which I was so happy to finally unwrap and hang because for four years they were not allowed in the rental house that frowned on holes in the walls among other things.

And while we said farewell to our 11-year-old pullout sofa bed…




We made sure to bring the Needy Yellow Lab…