Out of sight ? Not really.

So, today is day 12 of our challenge. I have been organizing my closet during our challenge and in order to prevent myself from grabbing a grey top so easily, I hid moved them all to a high shelf in the corner of my closet.

Out of sight, out of mind? No, not really. I can still see them. I am feeling a little lackluster today. Maybe it’s the grey clouds, or maybe I’m a little tired. I have burgundy coloured denim on the bottom and I am wearing a white shirt with grey stripes with grey converse runners. The outfit actually works and I like it, but I am a little disappointed that I reached for this shirt. Then again, it’s not fair to punish this shirt just because it has grey stripes, is it ?


The Rules


Today is Good Friday, the sun is shining, the cherry blossoms are blossoming and we think that it’s a good day to officially start our challenge.

In order to have a challenge, there needs to be a set of rules.  Here is what we have come up with:

1.  It is ok to wear a grey coat or cardigan – coats are an essential item in keeping warm and most of us don’t own a large amount of outerwear (well, maybe some of you do, but that is another post).

2.  For comfort, are grey sweatpants ok on the weekend, or after 5pm at home ?  Yes!  As long as they fit well and are somewhat stylish.

3.  Purses – grey and pewter purses and any other similar colour are definitely ok.  Purses are an investment and you should use the ones you have.

4.  Grey shoes – Runners, tennis shoes, and flip flops are acceptable.  They just are.  They are almost a given. Flats and boots, also ok.   Good shoes are important to your look and first impressions.  Always wear good shoes!

5. Accessories in shades of grey are also permitted. Scarves, belts and jewelry. It’s just too much to even think about replacing all of those items.  But they need to be worn with colour!

6.  Grey tops are only allowed in an emergency situation and must be worn with a colourful scarf or necklace.

7. The challenge will officially end on May 17th.

Sidebar…are we creating so many rules that we will eventually justify everything?

We will post photos and updates of what we are wearing, so wish us luck and follow along while we try to wear no grey for 50 days.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On a fine day like today, when we all reach back into our Irish roots, I would like to wish everyone a day of cheer and good fortune.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be with you.

Good luck, sister K as we start our challenge later this week (?).

ps – I hope you wore green today.  I didn’t.  But I didn’t wear grey either.  I did wear this necklace – all day!


Grey Kitchens ?


Today’s Vancouver Sun has a story in their home section – Shades of grey: What’s hot in the heart of the home.   The article goes on to state that grey has been the go to neutral since 2010.  Grey is now appearing in 55% of kitchens and 56% of bathrooms.

I don’t think I have ever been in a grey kitchen.  I have seen them on Pinterest and in magazines, but not up close and personal.

I like the feel I get when I am in a kitchen with rich dark cabinets and espresso stained floors and I especially love a fresh white kitchen, but grey ?

I am not so sure about having grey as the backdrop to my home… but for my clothes ?  Now, that’s another story!

It’s raining again…..

As I look out my window, it is raining.  Hard.  The Pineapple Express has made its way to Vancouver bringing lots of rain and slightly warmer temperatures – about 10 degrees C (which is about 48 F for those South of the border).  Overall, the day is grey.


We will be starting our 50 days of no grey challenge very soon….

In the meantime, we are doing some wardrobe planning and a closet clean up.

Stay Tuned!