I Can’t Quit You

Cancers and weight gain and a whole host of other possible side effects, some horrible, some not. I’ve heard them all and yet I am having the toughest time EVER quitting my Coke Zero/Diet Coke habit. It’s embarrassing, actually. And selfish. And I am setting a terrible example for my daughters.

I would NEVER let them do this to their bodies but yet I seem to think it’s ok to do it to myself? Pathetic.

1990 was the year I really discovered Diet Coke. I was working as a flight attendant which meant obnoxiously early mornings. I hated the taste of coffee so DC became my caffeine buzz, my crutch. Then I also discovered how much I love carbonation. I mean LOVE carbonation. The fizz on my tongue, the slight burning going down my throat. Love it. Crave it.

Coffee has never caught on for me and my soda habit has never waned. The whole “everything in moderation” doesn’t apply here. I lie and tell people I only drink one a day. Ha! That’s one a day before 9 a.m. and sometimes 2-3 more on an average day. Fountain soda is the best. It’s a better carbonation kick than that which comes from a can or plastic bottle. Sad that I’ve got such strong opinions on the different types of crap I ingest daily.

So, it is my goal to wean myself entirely…well, almost entirely of this vice. I dread it. But I dread brain tumors more. Wish me luck.