Fun finds

Tis the season be browsing the stores and shopping.

Warning:  this post is mostly pictures of fun things to buy:

These chevron pillows would be cute for decorating during the holidays.  Would also make a sweet hostess gift tied up in a bow.

A puzzle book for the kids and it’s all about the holidays.  
These washers and dryers look deceiving.  They are tin storage containers to use in the laundry room.  Aren’t they cool?

For less than $1.50, you can own these great tote bags brightly displaying kiwi, lemons and blueberries.
3 for $5 – that was the cost of the these cute little ornaments. Great for the tree or just adding to your presents.

This cardboard box would be perfect for a hostess gift filled with cookies or other yummy treats.
Going to Paris?  Or maybe you know someone who is. This little carry bag was only $5 and imagine all the things you could stuff inside it!

Same goes for this bag.  If London is your kind of place, this $5 bag should be yours!
A holiday rug would be great at your home or maybe as a hostess gift. It was less than $15 at my local upscale dollar store.

How cute is this little speaker?  All decked out in the local hockey team colours.  It’s the perfect gift for a fan and only $10.
Yes, I know it’s toothpaste, but the packing caught my eye and who wouldn’t want a new toothbrush for the holidays?

Chapstick has come out with these travel inspired tins filled with 3 different flavours of lip balm.  They were only $4.99 and would make a great stocking stuffer or teacher gift.

Just a few fun finds this week as we continue to shop for Christmas.  Hope you find what you are looking for!


Winning DIY

In between my struggle to get out of my grey clothes, I managed to do a sweet little diy for my hockey playing son.

If you know someone in hockey or another sport, you might find this an easy to remember a special game.

When he scored his first goal of the season, the Coach gave him the puck as a memento.  Since this puck was also the first goal he has ever scored while playing in a league for the past 2 years, I thought it would nice to somehow display it in his room.

We kept it pretty simple.  All we needed was a shadow box, white pen, burlap and glue.

IMG_5324 IMG_5316


I gently cleaned the puck and when it was dry, my son wrote the date of the game on the face of the puck.  The control freak in me really wanted to do the writing, but the mom in me knew it was important for him to do it.

We cut a piece of burlap to fit the backing of the shadow box.  All the shadow boxes we found had black backings, so the puck would have just blended in if we hadn’t changed it.  Then we glued it on.

Lots of glue was needed for the puck and lots of patience for while waiting for it dry was what came next.  When the puck was securely on the backing, we put the shadow box back together.



Such an easy project and a big win for my son and his room!


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Weekend Time

This week, the Monday Listicles asks what do we do regularly on the weekend?  So, my sister and I thought we would do this list together and add a second list of what we would like to be doing on the weekend.

What we do regularly:

Her List:

  1. Laundry, laundry and more laundry
  2. Read the Sunday paper
  3. Something active with my girls (hike, bike, jump on trampoline, etc
  4. Stay in pj’s as long as possible!
  5. Order Pizza

My List:

  1. Hockey – watching a practice or game for my son
  2. Ordering in or going out to a restaurant
  3. Skating lessons with my daughter
  4. Drinking lots of coffee
  5. Going for a run

What we would really like to do on a weekend:

Her List:

  1. Plan, shop and prep all meals for the coming week
  2. Get a massage
  3. Have an entire day to myself
  4. Complete a DIY project
  5. Read a book

My List:

  1. Go shopping
  2. Get a mani/pedi
  3. Have an entire day (or weekend) to myself
  4. Have lunch out with friends
  5. Try skiing again


Hockey Gift Idea

If you have hockey players in your life, you know all the usual gift ideas.  Jerseys, sticks, new socks, hockey books, etc.  But if you need a little stocking stuffer or a diy homemade gift, then I have an idea for you!

Earlier this year, my husband and I (yes, together) made personalized hockey pucks for all the kids on our team.  I am not sure where I got the idea from (I can’t give Pinterest credit this time), but it was so simple and the kids loved their pucks.

Here’s what you need:

  • plain black hockey pucks (about $1 at Canadian Tire)
  • a jar of Modge Podge (available at craft stores
  • image to place on top of puck


Give your hockey pucks a quick wipe down to take off any dust or dirt and let it dry.  Find your image online or make a monogram, whatever you want to put on the puck.  We chose to make pucks with the initials of each player and printed them off in the shape of a circle as we found this covered the puck the best.

Cut out your image to be just slightly smaller than the face of the hockey puck.  Using a small wide paint or foam brush (I like using foam brushes), spread some Modge Podge onto the face of the puck.  While it is still wet, carefully place your image on top.  After it has set (a few minutes), paint some Modge Podge on top of the image.

You may notice it start to buckle a little if you use too much. Don’t worry, you can try and spread it out now, or use a tiny pin to poke a hole and let the air out later.

Once it has dried, feel free to give it another coat of Modge Podge.  It just helps to harden the image on the puck surface.

And then you are done!  It is really such a simple gift to make and who wouldn’t love a personalized hockey puck?



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Pinterest inspired Mudroom

It’s December 1st!!!

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a mudroom.  Romantic, eh?   Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but mudrooms are definitely an up and coming room in the house.

We park on the street and use our front door as our main entry and our mudroom space is located at the back of the house.  The basement door isn’t the most convenient door to use, but I didn’t want to waste the space.  I figured we could try and train ourselves to use this door when it is rainy or snowy.

Based on those thoughts and a few pictures from Pinterest, I convinced my husband to finish off the space into a mudroom.  He took on the project quite willingly using my ideas.  Here are my Pinterest inspirations:


source: restyled home


source:a life’s design

I wasn’t asking for a lot, just a simple mudroom with wainscotting, a shelf and hooks.  So after a quick trip to Home Depot, we had everything we needed.

He started by installing the wainscotting above the existing baseboard.  The wainscotting comes in easy to install pieces and with some measuring, cutting and a few nails, it was up.   Next to do was the shelf.  We realized that our walls weren’t perfectly straight or flush, so there was a little jiggling of the shelf to make it even.  When everything was painted white, we didn’t notice the gaps or extra shims that had to be used.

The last detail was the hooks.  We decided to go with simple black hooks from Canadian Tire that have a little bronze rubbing on them.


This is a mudroom that won’t be used daily, so we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it.  Our total cost for the breadboard wainscotting, hooks, wood for the shelf and brackets was about $350.  We already had the Simply White paint from Benjamin Moore, so we saved money there.

In an early post, I told you about our quick bench project.  That bench fits perfectly into the space, along with our hockey gear, bike helmets, etc.

And what does our mudroom look like?


We are really happy with how it turned out.   Although, we haven’t used it to drop our muddy boots and wet coats yet, it is a great place to store stinky hockey gear.  And that is reason enough to have a mudroom in the basement of the house!

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On the Ice


It’s been about 5 months, maybe six that my son laced up his skates and hit the ice.  At that time, we were done. It had been a great season, but the previous six months felt long and it was time for a break.

Last night, we were back at the rink for his first practice of the season. You know what? I was excited to be back. It was great to feel the chill of the rink, to smell the stale air in the dressing room (well, maybe not so much), and to see the teammates and families again.

It is still summer outside, but it’s going to be a relief to be inside the cool rink waiting for the puck to drop!


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There is no “I” in team


My son is 6.5 years old and we have been involved in sports teams for the past few years. This year it is a little more serious in the fact that there are more practices and “real” games.  My husband is lucky enough to be an assistant coach on his teams and I help out with the team manager role and other volunteer jobs. So, based on this I have seen a few things and have formed a fairly strong opinion about some of the kids (and their parents).  This weekend at baseball was no exception.

My biggest beef so far, is the kid with an attitude, and his parents who think it is cute. Or they actually think he is a star. Not sure which is worse. When the kid is complimented on his good hit or long throw, he says, “I know.” The parents just smile. Really ?

Then, there is the parent who is always late to the practice or game, or just doesn’t show up. Really?  Unless, there is a legit reason (eg: parent working, illness), just be there, or let the Coach know.  This is a team sport. It takes a certain amount of kids to play the game and make the practices worthwhile.

Please volunteer. Sports for kids are run by volunteers. There are very few paying jobs at this level. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes lots of parents to make sure the practices and games take place. Offer to help! Do anything! Bring a snack, hand out pucks or balls. Just ask!

Also, give your child some independence. This is a skill that is so important, yet often overlooked in today’s self-entitled world.  Let your child carry his own sports bag or if your child is in hockey, let him figure out how to drink from his water bottle at the break. You don’t need to run down the stands and hand it to him.

I am under no pretenses that my kid will be a professional athlete, and I don’t think I really want him to be. The attitudes and egos demonstrated by some (not all) athletes, don’t really make for a great role model (IMHO). But sports are a great learning vehicle; how to play with others, hand/eye coordination, physical activity, listening, cooperating, the list goes on and on.  It’s also fun for the adults to watch, participate and meet new families.

So parents, please participate and be present at the games and practices.  Teach your child to be humble and a good team player.  The coaches and their families will appreciate it. Think of what a great example you are setting for your child.