You think we don’t enjoy holidays as much as Canadians? Oh, but you’re wrong!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I’m going to “cook out” or “grill out” this weekend! By the way, it is the Memorial Day long weekend coming up here in a day or two and EVERYONE is looking forward to it. It’s like the official countdown to summer begins this weekend.

Last year I remember being asked repeatedly what I was “doing for the 4th”. Yes, they meant the 4th of July. That is also a huge deal here. I’m anti-fireworks so I really just look forward to the days off work. Of course there was the time I got to watch the fireworks from a boat on Lake Union and that was pretty cool but otherwise fireworks keep my kids awake and I find the remnants or the neighborhood variety all over my yard. Ordinance be damned.

I do think Canadians get way way more random school days off. Professional Development days? Is that right? Private schools here seem to get those a lot, too, but not the public schools.

What drives me crazy with our school vacation schedule is Mid-Winter Break. This occurs in mid-February when, granted, the weather sucks and it is a great time to get. out. of. town. If you can. However, at that point, the two-week Christmas break feels like it just ended and we’ve also had a long weekend to celebrate President’s Day and Martin Luther King Day that falls barely three weeks after that.

Can you say overexposure? We all suffer from that by the time March 1st rolls around.

Anyways, as a working mom, I both welcome and fear school summer break which begins in less than a month. When I stayed at home I couldn’t wait to plan daily fun activities and outings. I yearned for the lazy mornings and not-so-strict bedtimes that were part of being out of school. Now, and for the past few years, I scramble to make sure everyone has something to do, somewhere to go or someone to look after them while I go to work. The lazy mornings only apply to my kids.

A blessing is that there will be no homework to work on. This 4th Grade math is killing me. Bring on summer!

Happy Victoria Day!


Happy Victoria Day? What, another stat holiday ? Yes, here in Canada, the last Monday before May 25th is a holiday. It’s the day that we are to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, it’s a day off work and school, and it’s the early lead in to summer vacation!

Which leads me to talk about holidays. In particular, statutory holidays. Here in British Columbia, we have 10 statutory holidays every year. And we take them. But there are a couple extra days as well. In some cases, like Easter Monday, mainly government and small businesses will get the day off. On Boxing Day, only those working in retail stores will be at work. The rest of us are at home enjoying the leftover turkey. Essentially, that gives a lot of Canadians 12 extra days per year.

From what I researched, the United States has approximately 10 public days per year. Close to the same, but when I speak with my sister, it sometimes seems like we have more time off here in Canada. Do we like them more? From her perspective, as a Canadian living in the US, don’t ask her how she feels about working on Boxing Day!

No matter how many days you have, spend them doing what makes you happy!