What I Saw


This week’s Monday Listicles from Stasha at the good life is about impractical things. Given the opportunity, I could probably go on and on about a lot of impractical things.

But having just come home from holidays from a week at the lake, I saw some pretty impractical things.  Such as:

  1.  High heels at the pool.  As mentioned in previous posts, this is a family resort at a lake in Central Washington.  It is not Vegas.
  2. Glitter and sequins on your pool cover up.  See point #1.  Unless you are a child, leave the sequins to the pool in Vegas.
  3. Driving to the store across from your hotel.  Yes, it is hot, but not that hot!  Driving across the street to Safeway is just bad.  Walk!
  4. Sitting in the hot tub when it’s over 80 degrees outside.  Year after year I have wondered why people do this.  I have yet to get the courage up to ask them.  Makes no sense to me.
  5. Kids in the hot tub by themselves. See point #4 and the fact that kids should be supervised around water!  Hello Parents – where are you?!
  6. Mismatched bathing suits.  This is a fashion trend I just don’t understand. Maybe it doesn’t fit this category exactly, but it annoys me.  Orange floral tops paired with a black striped bottom and other weird combinations.   Don’t they sell matching pieces for a reason ?
  7. Wearing puffy vests in the summer.  Yes, we had a morning with some rain, but it  was still very warm out. I don’t understand why these 2 dudes were wearing puffy vests.
  8. My husband’s work computer.  Between the pool, beach, golf and lounging, did he seriously think he was going to have time to do work?
  9. Our family of 4 trying to sleep comfortably in a very very small hotel room. At night we had a king bed, pullout sofa and air mattress on the floor.  It was an obstacle course every night and none of us slept well for 7 of the 8 nights we were there.   I’ll discuss my kids’ sleeping habits in another post, but needless to say, we need more space!
  10. Lastly,  going to Starbucks every day for coffee. We have a pretty good coffee maker at home and I have become somewhat reliant on my morning latte to start the day.  The coffee in the hotel room doesn’t always work out for us. I actually considered bringing my coffee maker with us, but thought it was impractical 🙂