5 things I always buy at Ikea

I haven’t been to Ikea in about six months and yet, within the past three weeks, I have shopped there three times.  Go figure.

Just like at Costco, there are a few staples that I usually buy at Ikea.  They are always in good supply and the price is always right!

Clockwise from top right:

  1. Toilet brush cleaner/holder – it’s only $1 and it gets the job done.  Enough said.
  2. Kitchen dish scrub brush – again it’s about $1, comes in 3 colours and lasts a pretty long time.
  3. Ribba frames – these vary in size and price, and come with a mat.  These frames are frequently used for gallery walls in many of the magazines I read.
  4. Roll of paper – found in the children’s section.  It’s about $5 and we use it for colouring, drawing, making signs, table runners, etc.
  5. Fantastisk napkins – they are fantastic.  Cost is about $3 and I usually buy the standard white, but they often have seasonal colours and a few patterned ones throughout the year.

Obviously, my shopping cart is filled with more than these five items anytime I go to my favourite Swedish home store.  Am I missing anything?  What do you buy when you go to Ikea?

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Friday’s Fun Finds

Hello! I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve started and stopped a few posts with the intention of getting back to it later…

So, instead of a wordy post, I thought I would just post pictures of fun things I have found recently.

This blue cart from Ikea is the best. I would buy it, if I just knew where to put it.


Also at IKEA, were grey pillows!! Many shades of grey! I’m sure I could find a bed or couch in the house that needs a new pillow, couldn’t I?


This rocket style desk light would be cool in any kid’s room.


My next stop was my local upscale dollar store where I saw these great plaid stockings for only $7 each!!


Last but not least, are these owls. I’m seeing owls everywhere and these two might have to make it into my Christmas decor this year.




Hope you also have some fun finds this week!

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Where ya’ been?

Look what I found on my doorstep yesterday!


I had almost forgotten all about the Ikea catalogue. Shouldn’t it have arrived in August?

Years ago, the cataloge was a highly coveted item in my neighborhood.   It was only delivered to certain addresses or streets in our ‘hood. It was a bit of a lottery to see if you would get one or not. Some years, we didn’t win and ended up getting our catalogue at the store.

Although, our needs and style have changed over the years, I am still an Ikea fan. I see Ikea items featured regularly in the home decorating magazines and many blogs. We recently transformed an Ikea bench. You can read it here.

As for my trips to Ikea, I can’t seem to walk out of the store with a least few purchases.

My regular go to items?

  • Roll of drawing paper
  • Kitchen scrub brushes
  • Wooden hangars
  • Napkins
  • Orchids

After perusing this year’s catalogue, I’m sure I’ll get some ideas and find some things I need. Good thing, because I’m due for a trip to ikea.

Not that I really need an excuse… 🙂

ps – Ikea didn’t pay me or offer any promotional incentive for this post. But I probably wouldn’t say no, if they wanted to.😊

Quick Bench Project

About 2 years ago, we did a major home reno. We basically took our home down to the studs and rebuilt 90% of it. It was such a great experience that I should have kept a blog during the process.

It is hard to believe, but since that big project, we still have lots of little things to do, to finish, to replace and to decorate.

One thing on our to do list was to get a bench for our newly created mud room (which I will show on a future post). Preferably a bench with storage. I scoured Craigslist (which I do on a regular basis) and found this:


(internet image since I forgot to take a picture when we bought it)

It is an Ikea Lesvik shoe bench that they no longer make! With room for 8 pairs of shoes or baskets! SCORE!!

We had plenty of leftover primer and white paint, so one afternoon my husband took over my project (was he bored?) and we got this:


I had a cushion from a previous bench that we were no longer using, so I popped it on top. I may change the fabric in the future, but for now it works.

I was so pleased with our little project. So simple, yet so effective. I am working on a couple more things and will share those later in September, when the kids are back in school and I have a little more time.

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Quick trip

I am working on a post about organizing my closet which I will share very soon. This job required a “quick trip” to Ikea for hangars. As most of you know, there is no such thing as a quick trip to Ikea!

In addition to the hangars and other small items, I realized I needed wanted these beautiful blue tea towels for the kitchen.


After all, even the kitchen could use a little colour!