No Grey Challenge #3

I seem to be falling behind in my efforts to post my no grey outfits.  I just don’t know where the past few weeks have gone.  That said, I’ve actually been wearing No Grey!  Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  With the exception of my grey Aritzia Trooper Jacket and my grey Converse, I am happy to report that my tops and bottoms are non-grey.

Here is just a small sampling of what I’ve been wearing:

Orange striped shirt from J Crew Factory. Love this feel good shirt!
New cargo pants from Gap Factory, cream shirt from Aritzia and Stella & Dot necklace
New cargo pants from Gap Factory, cream shirt from Aritzia and Stella & Dot necklace
During week 2, the Canucks were still in the playoffs so I showed my team spirit with this hoodie.

Week 3 coming up soon.  Stayed tuned.

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If You Make It They Will Buy It (at least I will)

In Europe and the United States, surveys show that grey is the color most commonly associated with conformity, boredom, uncertainty, old age, indifference, and modesty. Only one percent of respondents chose it as their favorite color. (source: Wikipedia)

Clearly, my sister and I beg to differ. My biggest problem with gray is sometimes confusing the difference in how Canadians and Americans spell the word. Other than that I’m all good.

Take these boots for example:

grey bootDo they scream conformist? Do you yawn with boredom looking at them? Is there anything old age-like about them? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions feel free to go surf elsewhere.

I found these boots at Nordstrom a few days ago. They are by KBR (Italian brand I’ve never heard of and more reasonably priced than I’d expect an Italian brand to be). Perfect for fall in my opinion!

Followed those up with a pair of Genetic denim dark gray skinnies. Sooo comfortable and on the clearance rack at Nordstrom, too! Because I’m happy (insert Pharrell Williams tune here).

gray geneticFinally, after seeing so many magazine spreads showing the new slouchy sweatpants in dressier fabrics I made a quick run into J Crew where I scored (well, had to order in my size) a pair of…wait for it…gray flannel slouchy sweatpants! Sooo comfy plus they look cool with heels or boots or maybe even a cute tennis shoe? (that’s “runners” in my homeland).

gray sweatThe picture isn’t flattering. I get that. But trust me, like your fave Lululemons only you can wear them out to dinner!

Anyways, long story short, for me gray is anything but boring. Thank you, thank you to those designers that keep churning it out. As long as they do, I’ll keep buying it.


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Weekend Update

Today is Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day to my husband and to my Dad.  I hope they both enjoy the day!

I’m not sure where the past two weeks have gone, but I know I haven’t posted a thing!

That said, a few things have changed around here, so I’ll give you a little update.

  • the weather – it is sunnier and warmer
  • my kids’ baseball season  is finished – 2 months is a short season!
  • a week ago, I was on a girls’ weekend – yeah!
  • school is over – a sudden surprising strike vote and it looks like the school year is over 2 weeks early 😦

A few weeks ago, I took an afternoon to myself to check out the shops.   J. Crew, Zara, The Bay, Aritizia, Gap, TopShop, etc, etc..  I was getting very disappointed the longer I shopped, because I wasn’t finding anything (well, anything I wanted or that fit well…).  The first and last store I went into was Old Navy and guess what?   There I found exactly what I needed; boyfriend pants and a neutral long cardigan.  They fit so well with my wardrobe; grey pants and a greige sweater.

Camo t-shirt, greige sweater and grey boyfriend pants – all from Old Navy


Even though, it’s summer, my clothes are still 50 shades of grey…but they seem so much brighter in the sun.


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Grey, Grey, Go Away!

This “no grey challenge” is not easy!  Its’ not easy, because my closet is full of grey!

If it wasn’t for my  new moto jacket, I think I would be looking pretty sad this past week.  My uniform has been a pair of jeans, a plaid or solid coloured button down shirt (most purchased at J.Crew) and my new moto jacket with Chuck Taylor’s (yes, they are grey).  I’ve had a lot of compliments on the jacket, so I know it was a good buy.  But let’s face it, I can only wear it so often.


I also wore the same outfit exactly the next day, but with this shirt:


Over the past few months, I have done such a good job at pairing down my closet, that there isn’t too much left in there to wear (except grey).   I have carefully looked at each piece and determined whether it needs to be thrown out, donated or consigned.  I love doing this.  It is such a good feeling to keep clothes you love and look good on you. However, that presents a new problem.

You know the problem.  Nothing to wear.

Have you heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping” ?  Well, that’s that’s what I did.  So, I stopped in at TNA and found this bright little gem:



Won’t it look good with a grey cardigan ?

Let’s face it, I’m lost in the 50 Shades of Grey in my closet.  Springtime weather can’t get here soon enough!


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Starting the week off

Sunday is the official start of the week. To start off this last week of our challenge, I wore this on Mother’s Day:


It’s an orange striped top from J Crew, cute floral flats from my Palm Springs vacation and my Hudson jeans (yes, again). I really need to get another great pair of jeans since I am wearing my Hudsons way too frequently!

Although our weather was very grey, I wasn’t!

Weekend round up

Since this project is mainly about clothes, I thought I should post some pictures from my weekend. Yes, you will see a bit of grey, but otherwise there is some colour!


This weekend, I wore my new fav Hudson jeans most of the time and switched up the tops and scarfs.

The first photo shows a blue and white striped cardigan that I found at J Crew outlet. In the second photo, I have on my fav Lululemon sweat pants and yes, they are grey and oh so comfortable! The third photo is with my Pantone inspired boyfriend shirt and Toms. Lastly, I re-worked the first outfit by changing the to a jacket but keeping the scarf which has several great shades of blue.

I even had 2 compliments on the colours I was wearing and this never happened while I wore grey. Hmmmm. Things that make you say hmmmm…..







Well, Color Me Happy!

I woke up on the right side of the bed today!
With my new sweaters I got dressed with ease and felt…happy!
Scarves are easy to throw on to brighten up a neutral outfit or, like today, an easy way to complement another bright color.
J Crew has a fantastic selection of scarves in various colors and fabrics. I have to admit I bought this one because I saw a gal at my local J Crew wearing it.


It’s not easy being green. Oh, yes it is!

Since returning home from a fairly successful shopping weekend, I was pleased to read this story (click here)  in today’s Vancouver Sun.  It is all about how to be green!  In your wardrobe, not your home. 🙂   We will do colour in the home, but that will be another post.

The look is fresh and can be achieved in many ways; scarves, shoes, tops and coloured bottoms.  This weekend, my purchases managed to hit a few of those same categories and I have already started wearing them.

While I was shopping, I saw many options that would be easy for anyone to inject some green into their wardrobe:

IMG_2762 IMG_2765 IMG_2766

Sweat pants from GAP, necklace and purse from J. Crew.

Maybe Kermit knew something we didn’t.  It really is easy to be green.