Summer Lovin’

It’s that time of the week again.  Time for the Monday Listicles.  This week’s list?  10 plans for the summer.

Ready.  Set.  Go!

  1. Swim in the Kits Beach outdoor pool – hard to believe, but I have never done this.
  2. Go camping (at least two nights).
  3. Take the kids on a hike – it should be so easy to do here, but we have yet to go.
  4. Travel to the Okanagan and relax.
  5. Do nothing.
  6. Read.  Alone and with my kids.
  7. Attend my sister’s wedding.
  8. Go to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game.
  9. Visit the grizzly bears on Grouse Mountain.
  10. Sit by a pool or beach and relax.







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Happy Thanksgiving

Here in Canada, today is Thanksgiving and because of the holiday, we get a long weekend!

Here are just a few photos showing how we spent our Thanksgiving weekend:


A simple dinner of baked ham and roasted veggies.  Sometimes the simplest meals taste the best.


My new collection of pumpkins.  I have been seeing the white pumpkins all over Pinterest and I am so glad I have some for myself!


We spent this morning at Kits Beach.  It was such a beautiful day!  The sun was shining and the leaves are all turning a gorgeous shade of yellow and orange.


This was our view for much of the morning.  We are so lucky to live near the beach.  The kids and dog actually went in the water! A little chilly for me, but they didn’t seem to mind one bit.

Back to routine tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, too!