Just when you thought…

I have to admit, up until recently, I’ve been feeling pretty good about our challenge.

A couple days ago, I posted about how the weather was starting to make my wardrobe difficult. That frustration continued on to the next evening.

A simple meeting of my book club at a restaurant caused a small significant meltdown in my closet. I had nothing to wear! (Insert drama here).
I tried this combination:


Blah! This shirt has barely been worn and has been in my closet way too long. Bye bye!

Clothing meltdowns aren’t fun, as evidenced earlier by my sister’s posts. When the dust finally settled, I had on Lucky jeans, white top from Marshall’s, grey (yes, grey) esprit cardigan and my new Franco Sarto sandals from Nordstrom.


This outfit was pretty simple and I felt good in it. Maybe I just need to remember that well used phrase. Keep It Simple.

One thing leads to another…

Today is day 22 of our challenge. Where did the past 3 weeks go?!

As of now, I am meeting my goal of not wearing grey. I think my main success comes from moving the grey shirts (I don’t have grey pants/jeans) out of my line of view and ignoring my grey cardigans (although, I think they might be lonely). Oh, and a few new purchases have also helped.

It is grey and drizzly today, but I don’t care! I’m wearing a beautiful blue sweater from Banana Republic and new Lucky jeans. And a scarf (my sister’s fav accessory). All purchased during my shopping trip last month. But I think it’s my socks that I like the best. And yes, they are grey.


Over the past few days, I have been thinking about our challenge and realizing that it’s not just about not wearing grey for 50 days. Maybe it’s more about changing habits and feeling happier and clothes just happen to be the conduit. More on these thoughts to come….