Gray…It’s Not Just Me

If you don’t know Melinda Maria you should get to know her. A jewelry designer from Spokane, WA Melinda lives in L.A. and has created some of the coolest pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen. Her pieces are worn by celebrities and non-celebs (like me) and they go with everything…yes, even gray. In fact, I think they go especially nicely with gray. And that’s not the only cool thing about her! In a recent Instagram post, Melinda shared her fondness for my fave color while giving us a peek at a few of her gorgeous bangles. 2015/01/img_3950.png I first discovered her work in InStyle magazine YEARS ago when I ripped out a pic of a ring worn by Mila Kunis. I carried that page around with me for a couple of years until one day I spotted that same ring on a good friend of mine. Turns out, she went to school with Melinda and is still friendly with her today! I immediately bought that ring for myself and over the last few years have added to my MM collection. Thanks to my friend I got to meet her one day last year when she was in town for her launch at Nordstrom. It was pleasant, though not unexpected, to find out she is really cool…just like gray. linking up with: The Pleated PoppyGet Your Pretty OnBecause Shanna Said SoWhat Wives WearOn the Daily ExpressHappiness at Midlife

Feeling Good!

Finally! I feel good today!
Full disclosure: in addition to trying to add more color to my life, I have been trying to lose a few pounds. I’m nowhere close to hitting my goal in either quest but today is a good day.
Today I feel lighter all around. I’m not getting on a scale to prove myself right or wrong but instead am going to let my outfit convey my mood. The t-shirt is a really pretty aqua blue which looks awesome with my gold/turquoise bracelets.
My Melinda Maria bangles are my fave. Her jewelry makes me feel put together on any day…and her silver pieces look awesome with gray.