Grey, Grey, Go Away!

This “no grey challenge” is not easy!  Its’ not easy, because my closet is full of grey!

If it wasn’t for my  new moto jacket, I think I would be looking pretty sad this past week.  My uniform has been a pair of jeans, a plaid or solid coloured button down shirt (most purchased at J.Crew) and my new moto jacket with Chuck Taylor’s (yes, they are grey).  I’ve had a lot of compliments on the jacket, so I know it was a good buy.  But let’s face it, I can only wear it so often.


I also wore the same outfit exactly the next day, but with this shirt:


Over the past few months, I have done such a good job at pairing down my closet, that there isn’t too much left in there to wear (except grey).   I have carefully looked at each piece and determined whether it needs to be thrown out, donated or consigned.  I love doing this.  It is such a good feeling to keep clothes you love and look good on you. However, that presents a new problem.

You know the problem.  Nothing to wear.

Have you heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping” ?  Well, that’s that’s what I did.  So, I stopped in at TNA and found this bright little gem:



Won’t it look good with a grey cardigan ?

Let’s face it, I’m lost in the 50 Shades of Grey in my closet.  Springtime weather can’t get here soon enough!


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Pinned & Tried


Long time, no post!  I have just returned from sunny Mexico!

This was my view every morning!  Nothing grey about this holiday at all.  Not the weather, nor the clothes!



Before my trip, I was out shopping at Marshall’s with friends one evening when I stumbled across a very cool, yet simply styled moto jacket for $69.99!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t my size, but it was my friend’s size.  As much as she felt guilty about the purchase, she went home with the jacket.  I decided then and there that I really wanted a moto jacket, so I went home and started pinning.

These two pictures caught my attention; the first one showing how to dress up the moto and the second one is a more casual look.



Before my trip, I took a quick trip to Winners and found my own moto jacket!  It was a very simple style and only $29.99!   Before I knew it, we were through the check out stand and the jacket was mine!  I hung it up and pretty much forgot about it until I returned from vacation.

The day after we returned home, I was headed out for dinner with friends and I knew I wanted to wear my moto jacket.  I didn’t know exactly how to wear it, so I re-created the Pinterest image from above.




This was an easy look to put together.  The top was a Macy’s find last Fall, dark skinny jeans, Geox booties and my new moto!  Love my new jacket and can’t wait to wear it more.  If you have any other ideas on how to wear it, let me know!

I count this as a successful Pinned & Tried!


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