Do you pin?

Pinned and tried.

To pin or not to pin.

Been there, pinned that.

What am I referring to? Well, it’s Pinterest of course!

I joined Pinterest over 20 months ago.  Or so I think I did.  I can’t quite remember.  I do remember not using it much in the beginning, but since then…I’ve had the pleasure of pinning thousands of ideas, styles, recipes, jokes, etc.

My fashion style board is full of simple yet fun clothes and outfits that totally suit my lifestyle. So, then why every time I get ready for an evening out, do I stress? Why do I have so much trouble picking out something to wear?


I thought Pinterest would make it easy for me and reduce my wardrobe stress. All those pins from Polyvore with the clothes and accessories were supposed to show us how to put outfits together.

It’s like owning a lot of great cookbooks, they are nice to look at, but do we really use them? Or do they just look good on our shelf, or pin board?

I’m not sure, but let me go check.  I’m sure there’s a pin board for that.