Pink, of course

IMG_5242I wear a lot of grey.  Almost everyday from October – March.  Last year, my sister and I started this blog as a way to help ourselves not wear grey everyday.

Today, I wore a grey sweater. But I wore a pink button down shirt with it.

You see, pretty much anyone who is anyone wore pink today.  Today is officially known as Pink Shirt Day in Canada.  It started in 2007 in Nova Scotia when Travis Price and David Shephed saw a grade nine student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt.  The next day, they brought pink shirts to school for their friends to wear and the annual event has grown from there.  Read more about their story and about Pink Shirt day in BC here.

Pink Shirt Day is a way for everyone to wear pink and say NO to bullying.

Both my kids wore pink today, too.  Did you ?

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Today’s the day

Today I’m wearing grey capris, a white shirt with grey stripes and pink and grey Nikes. What a coincidence, or is it, that today is day 50 of our 50 Days of No Grey Challenge!

I have to admit that when we started this project back in March, I thought 50 days was a long time. It really wasn’t. Between kids, family, friends, sports, and day to day life, the time just flew by!

I have actually enjoyed the challenge and I think I have made an effort to change how I was dressing, and ultimately how I was feeling. I weeded out my closet, I shopped with a purpose and tried to put outfits together instead of just throwing something on.

The beginning was easy. I was feeling quite confident those first few weeks. But as time went on and the weather improved, I have to admit, it was challenging. I am not a super creative person, so I need time and effort to put it together; whether that be decorating my home, or organizing my clothes.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my results. But I think our project wasn’t just about clothes, it was about changing our attitudes. It was to look at things differently, more creatively and to be a little bit more fun and colourful.

So, going forward, we want to continue our blog. We want to write about experiences, life, family, friends, funny things and hot topics. We want to look at them creatively and with a sense of humour.

I can’t promise that we won’t wear grey, but we will try.