How to dress like a Parisien – 5 must have items!


Bonjour!  I have recently returned from a special trip to Paris!  It was a celebration of milestones with a few close friends and it was an amazing trip!  Before we went, we scoured Pinterest for ideas on how to dress and how not to look like a tourist in Paris.  We found lots of pins showing jeans, sweaters, slip ons and other easy to wear basics.  We all have these types of clothes in our closet, so how hard would it be to pack?   Funny enough each day as we got ready to go out, we often looked the same; striped shirt, jeans, moto jacket and slip ons.  With a bit of laugh, one of us would go change so that we didn’t look exactly alike as we walked out the door.

The women in Paris dress simply wearing classic clothes and shoes.  It is not complicated and looks so easy to put together.  As we wandered the streets of Paris and admired the women, we noticed five basics that each wore and I thought I would share them with you.

  1. Sunglasses – usually in black or tortoiseshell and oversized.  Not the oversized that makes you look like large bug eyes, but oversized like Jackie O.

  2. Trench Coat – I had seen women in London wearing trench coats last June when I was there and have wanted one ever since.  The French women also have a trench in their closet and they wear them so well!

  3. Jeans – this goes without saying.  Jeans are a staple of women everywhere! We saw mainly skinny or straight leg jeans and some with the frayed hem.

  4. White runners (aka tennis shoes) – Adidas and Superga were spotted most frequently as we strolled around Paris.  They were being worn with jeans, skirts, dresses – essentially with any outfit!

5.  Scarf – this was the one accessory that we saw on almost every woman and a lot of the men.  Scarves were being sold on the street corner under a tent, in every store and we happened upon a neighbourhood in the Marais that had stores 100% devoted to selling scarves.  Any colour or size works.  We must have been in there for an hour and we each bought 3 scarves to take home and add to our collection.


Packing for this trip was probably one of the easiest I have ever done and my friends also felt the same way.  If you get a chance to go to Paris in Spring, or anytime – don’t forget these five items.  You will instantly look and feel like a Parisien!  If you need a little more inspiration, I found these two blogs had plenty of ideas on how to incorporate a French wardrobe into everyday life : Gamine & Stripes and Classy Yet Trendy

Au revoir!

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Pinned & Tried – Fashion

When I saw this outfit from Posh Classy Mom, I just knew I could recreate the look  for me:



I already had the grey jeans and a chambray top.  I didn’t have the grey pumps, so I changed it slightly:


Ok, so I’m slightly more wrinkled than the inspiration photo.  I swear that my shirt does not look that wrinkled while I am wearing it!  #ohsure

These black platform wedges are the only (repeat only) heels I have.  #needtogoshopping

I’ve had this top for about a month now and never considered wearing it with my grey jeans – not sure why?   But since pinning this image, I have worn it a couple of times with my grey converse and I have to say, it’s a successful pinned & tried.

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Pinned & Tried – Beauty

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a beauty pinned and tried, but there’s always a first time, isn’t there?

A few weeks ago, I read this post on South by Northwest and this diy particular beauty hack caught my eye.

I’m blond, with highlights and a few grey hairs.  I try not to wash my hair too many times a week and I’m lucky my hair doesn’t get too oily or greasy.

On days when I don’t have time to wash my hair, I use a few sprays of this Kevin Murphy dry shampoo


It works well and smells great.  It’s a little expensive, but since I use it infrequently it lasts a long, long time.


So, when I read about a diy dry shampoo, I knew I had to give it a try.  There were only 3 ingredients; cornstarch, cinnamon and a few drops of an essential oil (I used lavender).  I used a clean little jar and here’s what it looked like when I mixed it up.


I had an extra make up brush (yes, I cleaned it first) to dab on the mixture and I’m happy to say it worked!  It blended quite well, smelled just fine and it worked!  I’m not 100% sure that I will give up the regular dry shampoo just yet, but I’m glad I found a natural solution that I can make at home and use frequently.

All in all, I would call this one successful Pinned & Tried Beauty Hack!

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Pinned & Tried

It has been quite a while since I posted a Pinned & Tried – any edition.  Over the past week, this rainy weather has had me looking at pictures and photos of a sunnier time.  Say, last summer?

It got me thinking to this outfit that I saw on Pinterest:


Cute and easy, eh?

I realized I had pretty much every piece in my wardrobe. I mean, really, who doesn’t have have a striped maxi dress and a jean jacket in her closet these days?

So, here’s my recreation:


The striped dress is from Joe Fresh and I liked it so much I bought another one in black and grey 🙂  The jean jacket is actually quite old, but hasn’t been worn much, so it is like new!  The purse is light grey and from Kate Spade.  You can’t seem my feet, but I think I was wearing flip flops or flat white sandals.

I guess the only sad thing about this Pinned & Tried is that I don’t have cognac coloured accessories or shoes.  So, those are now on my list for this upcoming Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I did pick up these flip flops from DSW on a recent trip to Palm Springs:


They are pretty comfortable, but I think I will keep looking for more of a sandal than a flip flop in this colour.

I have my eye on this great bag from Matt & Nat:


So in closing, I would call this a fairly successful Pinned & Tried.  But just wait until I get that new bag to complete the look!

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5 Easy Steps to Remove Clutter

Because it’s January and everyone is looking to de-clutter and clean their homes, I thought I would share this post from last year.

It’s the time of year whenever has an opinion on how to relieve yourself and your home of clutter. Check out Pinterest, blogs, even Faceook. Someone has an idea (or two or three) on organizing your life and ridding yourself of excess. I’m not alone in my quest to do this.  I have always been a fairly organized person, but since the arrival of my little ones, I never seem to have  make the time to really really organize.  That said, I have more time now since they are both in school and I had a few quick wins in the de-cluttering world that I would like to share with you.

Starting with:

1.  Chopsticks in the kitchen drawer. This picture shows 44 pairs of chopsticks.  They accumulated innocently enough over the years as we ordered in sushi and Chinese take out.  I only counted them this week when I tried to put some spoons into the drawer and realized there were a few too many.  I have kept six pairs (not sure why that amount) and the rest have been bundled up and will be donated.

2.  Hotel samples.  I love the samples of soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.  I always use the soap and lotion, but rarely the hair products.

Then, I saw this great pin:

And I thought to myself, this is what I will do with all my samples. So, I did.

 But during the course of a year, we don’t have many guests and our one regular guest is bald.  So, our samples are collecting dust.  I have packaged them up and will be donating to a local women’s shelter.

3.  Plastic utensils.  

IMG_7753 They come with take out food, or we grab too many extras when we get ice cream.  It doesn’t seem to matter where they come from, they just accumulate.  I cleaned out 30 extra spoons, forks and knives.  I kept 10 so that I could put them in the kids’ lunch kits for when they have soup, yogurt, etc.

4.  Magazines.  My sister probably started me on the love of magazines.  While I tend to usually buy Style at Home, Canadian House & Home and Chatelaine, I have never been known to turn down a complimentary issue of Oprah or Real Simple.  But my magazines were taking over my bedroom and a shelf in the family room.  I even had a few issues in the pile from December 2012! IMG_7824

I have a hard time throwing them out or recycling them, so I gave a few to some friends, dropped some at the doctor’s office and conveniently left some behind at the community centre after a hockey practice.  And then there were none – until next month.

5. T-shirts.  My kids attend bike camp, soccer camp, art camp and participate in charity runs.  And each time they do, they get a t-shirt. IMG_6219 We use some shirts for when we are doing messy crafts or have a particular colour for a theme day at school, but for the most part, we do not wear these shirts.  They are in such great shape since they are only worn for a few days, so I kept 2 for each child and donated the rest.

These were 5 easy ways to get rid of stuff now without a lot of effort. I bet you might find the same things in your home.

Go look and see if you have 44 pairs of chopsticks.  You never know…

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Holiday Packing in the Fall

It’s hard to believe that November is here!  The balmy weather has quickly turned to rain, puddles and cooler temperatures.   I still haven’t bought a blanket scarf, but I have been wearing my booties and last year’s plaid scarf.

Just a peak of plaid.
Just a peak of plaid.

We are fortunate to be taking a trip to Maui next week.  It was booked about 6 months ago when there was a seat sale on our favourite airline, so we decided to take advantage.  We have a couple sets of friends who will also be there, so it will make for a fun family time.

But while I am looking forward to our trip, I still have to pack.

If you have read this blog over the past couple years, you will know that I don’t like packing.  I can pack for the kids with my eyes closed and both hands tied behind my back.  But when it comes to my own clothes, I tend to freeze and get overwhelmed.  With time, I would say it is getting better and for beach holidays, you really don’t need to pack a lot.  Do you?

When in doubt, head to Pinterest.  Here’s what I have found to make my own packing experience easier:

packing tips spring break
This list looks like it would be easy to follow.
packing tips family beach vacation
The visuals in this picture look simple and would be easy to pack.
beach packing
I like this grouping with all the options for what you pack.
Lastly, this grouping looks so simple that you could probably pack the day before you leave!

Wish me luck over the next few days as I bring out the suitcases and start to pack. I’ll post my struggles and success and show you which packing tips I used.  If you have any tips for warm warm holiday packing, please let me know!

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Family Foto Fun

It’s seems to be that time of the year when everyone seems to get family photos done.   Up until 2 years ago, our family photos were pretty sporadic.  Most of the time, I was the one taking the pictures and I never seemed to make it into a picture.  Other times, the kids, dog and husband and I couldn’t seem to look at the camera at the same time, so the pictures were, well, they were fun to look at, but they weren’t something I would frame.

So, when we started elementary school, the school made it easy with a Family Foto night.  You pay a small sitting fee, get 15 different poses and then order your favourite.  Easy peasy.  Well, it was easy peasy until Pinterest made me think about coordinating outfits.  You know those pins where the whole family is colour coordinated in complementary, yet matching outfits.

Like this:


or this:


or this:40046f73c5be70b02160901c0dcb6045

They look lovely, don’t they?  Well, maybe this last one is just a little too much grey?

Anyway, I was feeling overwhelmed, so I started hunting on Pinterest and found some helpful bits of advice:


This site lays out so much information.  She’s a professional family photographer and knows exactly what we need.  Just a pick a colour and there are lots of ideas to help coordinate outfits.

But guess what?  It overwhelmed me.  So, I started to look through our closets to see what might work.   As you can see in this picture, I started with blue, grey and burgundy (or would you call it marsala?).IMG_5779

After much debate and frustration, I narrowed our choices down to this:


I’m pretty pleased with the colours as they seem to be on trend this Fall and I hope the photos turn out.  If not, at least I’ll have a lot of time between now and next year to pin some more options!

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