A pinteresting birthday

I am the first to admit that I am slightly greatly addicted to Pinterest. A while back, I mentioned in this post how I tend to pin more than I execute. But I am trying to change that…

So when planning my son’s recent 7th birthday, I decided to use some of those pins I had tucked away under “Birthdays”.

Let me start by saying that I am not a super crafty person, so I kept to the more simpler ideas and I think they turned out pretty well.

Below you will find the inspiration pin and then a picture of my interpretation of it.

  • First up, wrapping his lunch in gift wrap. Easy peasy. There is not a lot of skill involved, just a wee bit of planning to make sure you have wrapping paper and the kid doesn’t see you do it.


  • Next, the number of his age built out in Lego. Again, low on the skill level but makes for a great photo opportunity. The hard part was sneaking into his room while he was sleeping to get the Lego I needed without making too much noise.


  • Lastly, I did his age in sprinkles on the cake. I had already iced 24 cupcakes for his class, so I was a little low on icing. Please don’t judge my icing skills, it’s the number on top that counts. This pin involved a little bit of effort as you had to cut out the number, strategically place it on the cake and then sprinkle.


All in all, they were easy ways to make my son’s day fun and it made for some great pictures.  I can now file these under “Pinned and Tried”.

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