Time flies

Almost 3 weeks ago, my sister and I issued ourselves a challenge. Do the plank and push ups every day for the month of July. I’ll admit, it was practically my idea. I’ll also admit, that I am probably the one sister who is not participating in my own challenge.

I have time to check FaceBook, post on Pinterest, write our blog, text my friends, hang out with my kids (this one especially time well spent), go for a run, walk the dog, etc. But for whatever reason, I cannot seem to find 2 minutes to plank and do push ups.

Don’t put off today…

what you can do tomorrow.  I’ve heard this saying for as long as I can remember!

I am a mom in my mid-forties to young children.  I exercise to maintain my sanity, to keep up with them, to reduce stress, and so I can drink more wine, etc, etc.  You know the reasons.

When it comes to the strength challenge that my sister and I are doing, I am definitely putting it off.  Why?  Not sure.  I can count on one hand how many times I have done push ups since July 1st.  The plank is being done a bit more frequently, but just a bit.  Considering the total time for both is about 2-3 minutes, I am not sure why I am not working it into my day.

Although, it is good for me, it feels like a punishment.  A punishment, however, that is good for my health.

I run fairly regularly throughout the week, so adding this is should be oh so easy!  But it isn’t. Weight and strength training doesn’t have the instant gratification that running does.

Today, I did my run and my plank.  But no push ups.  Maybe tomorrow…

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away 🙂

Do What You Can, When You Can

Last night my sister and I both left planking and pushup-ing until late. 10 p.m. kind of late. I started shaking at 22 seconds but managed to pull out 1:10. No energy to do pushups so I went to bed with the intent to do both exercises first thing in the morning.

Well, here it is 9 p.m. and I have yet to do them, unless you count my kitchen counter pushups. You know…the kind you do standing at the counter while simultaneously watching your kids eat their breakfast and scanning your work email that came in during the night.

I tell you what…I can feel those pushups right now in my triceps! I even mixed it up a little and did elbows out and elbows in. To top it off I did some kind of rear leg lift while returning those work emails while the kids loaded their dishes in the dishwasher. Only one looked at me strangely and asked “WHAT are you doing, Mom?”

Fitting it in when I can! THAT’S what I’m doing, daughter! Only 1:15 left to go (hopefully).

Strength Challenge

My sister and I often talk about how easy it is (or should be) to plank and do pushups every day. Five minutes worth of effort, if that? And amazing results for said efforts.

We both go in spurts where we knock out a minute plank and 3 sets of 10 pushups or so. And then we stop. Fall off the fitness wagon.

So! Today we decided to challenge ourselves to plank and pushup EVERY DAY for the month of July. Or what’s left of it, anyway!

I planked today for 1:01. Shaking, quivering etc…

Did 2 sets of 12 pushups…on feet, not knees. Probably don’t go low enough.

Granted, I also need to boost my cardio but that may be another challenge. This month my goal is to plank for 2 minutes (stop laughing if that seems lame).

Let’s go, Sis!!! We can do this!!!