Super Bowl and What I Wore

A week ago tonight I was wrapping up an 18-hour travel day thanks to the snow storm that hit New York City just hours after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl.


Future Hub and I spent three days in the city before I got to enjoy my first ever NFL game which just happened to be the Mac Daddy of all NFL games.
Weeks before the game all anyone could talk about was how the weather was going to affect the first Super Bowl to be held in an outdoor stadium. Just how cold was it going to be? Reports had temps dipping into the 20s. That had me dipping into a panic as to how I would stay warm and not look like a Sasquatch.
Enter my sister solving my quest for the perfect coat! TNA at Aritzia, she says. And the next morning I ran in and snagged the last mid-thigh length quilted, insulated coat…in gray.

See how those tags are still on it? It turned out to be so warm that I didn’t need it and was able to wear my backup which was a tan North Face puffy jacket that covered my butt and still gave me room to move.
Almost more important than a coat was footwear. I didn’t own any cute boots that would be suitable for those possible temps and/or the snow that could accompany them. Nordstrom, REI, The North Face, Amazon, Zappos aaaaand back to Nordstrom. I fell in love and was thankfully rewarded (thanks to $20 extra for expedited shipping) with these North Face beauties:

Not only were they warm and not only did they look cute with leggings and skinny jeans but they were soooo comfortable! F-Hub and I wandered the city from Midtown to Downtown to Little Italy and back and my feet were warm and comfortable the whole day.
Finally, a cute, stylish hat wasn’t going to fit the bill last weekend. In fact, most of what I packed stayed in the suitcase. We both ended up cycling and recycling through our Seahawk shirts to proudly support our team and fit in with the rest of the thousands of fans wandering the city. Every ten feet I was high-fiving total strangers and yelling “Go Hawks!” because we identified each other through the gear we wore. For me, it was this:

Oh, I have to mention that I saw Holly Robinson Peete wearing a long fur coat (white, I think). I tried to snap a pic but she caught me looking. I also saw Steven Tyler wearing a long leather coat and weaving through the crowd towards a hotdog stand.

I never saw myself as a football fan before I met F-Hub but after a weekend in NYC and the Super Bowl this might not be too bad!

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