Pardon Me?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE product and the stores in which I buy it and the fact that because of good genes and all the product I use I don’t really look my age. At all. Ask anyone. Anyone except the gal ringing me up at Sephora today.
Making a quick trip in to buy a birthday gift, I browse and buy something from the sample/trial section alongside the line to check out like I usually do.
Today I grabbed a small tube of Boscia BB Cream because it got rave reviews online.
One of the great things about Sephora is that you always leave with a sample or two in your bag. Today, perhaps noting my purchase, the gal says “Here, try this sample of BB Eye Creme by Dior! It’s great for hiding bags under the eyes.”
To which I reply “I’m sorry, pardon me?” She then proceeded to toss an extra one in my bag as well.