French Dressing for Fall


Just last week I stopped into Marshalls and was surprised to find a high end designer promotion in store.  It was called the Red Carpet Event and it was showcasing all the top brands.  Of course, after my summer vacation I’ve still got French style on the brain, so I got a little caught up in finding all the French designers featured.

Here are a few things that I found:

Let’s start off with this Louis Vuitton wallet.  Darling, isn’t it?  It was priced around $199 which I thought was a relatively fair price for this piece. I have seen other designer wallets (Kate Spade and Coach) for similar prices, so this was inline with those brands.

Next up was this Givenchy bag.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m guessing it is probably less than if you had purchased it at Nordstrom or Givenchy themselves.  I’m not sure who would pay that much for a bag at Marshalls, but in case you are looking…

I would probably save this colour for Spring, but it is such a beautiful bag I might just carry it all year.

I had heard of Lanvin, but I wasn’t too familiar with the actual brand.  This is one of the first high fashion houses of France and it was founded way back in 1889!  This black quilted bag is such a classic and it’s a piece you could have for years and years.  I can’t remember the price, but I think it was about the same as the Givenchy bag above.

The Saint Laurent items also carried a hefty price tag. Those cute little booties are $700 and the bag was close to $2,000.  Wow.  I’m always surprised when Marshalls has such high priced items, but those for are looking….

A little lower down the price chain and you will find these Aigle boots.  Angle means eagle in French and these little rain booties would be a great addition to your closet for those rainy days.  As you will see they had a floral pattern, a leaf pattern and plain beige all for under $100.

Still in the shoe department I found these:


These animal print slip ons were over $500 and wouldn’t they pair well with your new Givenchy bag 😉

Oh, and if you have a really big budget, you might like these Celine flats in your closet:


A few rows over, but still in the shoe department and I found this pair:


I unfortunately forgot the name (oops), but they were a French brand.  Albeit a lower priced one as these brogues were only $70.  These could be fun with jeans or cigarette pants to dress up an outfit.  The blue colour was so rich and that bit of metal really caught my eye.

French dressing wouldn’t be complete without a hat or pair of sunglasses, so I found these:

The hat and glasses were all under $50 and by French brands.  Great accessories to add some French flavour to any outfit.

Lastly, the scent of a woman (did you ever see that movie?)…Ooh ahh!

Four different fragrances of Chloe all for $50.

With all these lovelies, you too can dress en française for Fall 🍁

C’est bon!

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Shoes for Days


This picture represents the shoes my family took on our recent trip to Europe.   Four people, 3 weeks, 17 pairs of shoes.  That averages out to roughly four pairs each, but in actual fact I ended up with 6 pairs in my suitcase.  This was no beach vacation, so I knew we needed comfortable shoes.  Our plans included walking – lot of walking!!

Here’s the breakdown of who took what:


  • Flip flops
  • Native slip ons
  • Sketcher slip ons
  • Under Armour runners

She only wore the Natives once, so I probably could have left this pair at home.  Same with  the Under Armour runners as she preferred her Sketcher slips ons most days.  I wish I had bought a pair of Birkenstock sandals for her as the selection and price in Germany was way better than here at home.  #missedopportunity



  • Flip flops
  • Vans black slip ons
  • Under Armour runners

My son wore exactly what he brought exactly when I thought he would.  He didn’t complain about sore feet, so I deem his shoe packing a success.




  • 2 x pairs of Adidas
  • Flips flops
  • Running shoes  (for running/hiking)

Husband rotated through his shoes each day as we did a lot of walking.  He didn’t end up wearing his flip flops at all, but since they didn’t take up much room it was still worth bring them along.  #justincase

(note:  couldn’t find the other Adidas to put in the picture as he was wearing them)



  • flip flops
  • tan coloured sandals
  • Black Nike runners
  • White Superga runners
  • Black espadrilles

I am pretty happy with the shoes I packed and I wore them all.  I wish I had swapped out my white laces on the Nikes to black so that they would have looked more like a fashion runner than a workout runner. That said, with a white tee and black jogger pants they were just fine.

The Superga were a new purchase before we left and I was surprised how comfortable they were.  Of course I bought white and they got dirty, but I was ok with that.   I also bought a pair of black espadrilles before we left and I’m glad I did!  Very comfortable for walking around and went just fine with my jeans, jogger pants and both my dresses. My Mat & Nat sandals were also quite comfortable and easy to wear with all my outfits.

And while in Germany, I purchased these:

The Birkenstocks were purchased because I have a lot of friends who rave about them and since I was in the land of Birkenstocks…I had to have a pair.  They have been on trend for a few years now and while I used to shun them, I’m now happy to have a pair.  If you haven’t tried them, you should.  You might be surprised.

I would use this shoe packing guide again for any other long trips that involve a lot of walking.  What do you think?  Did I forget to include anything?  Let me know in the comments what shoes you take on your trips.

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Target Finds

A few weeks ago, just before my holiday I headed to Target.  If you haven’t heard, they are closing all the Canadian locations within the next few months and prices have been reduced to 40-60% of the original price. I have to say, I am more than disappointed that Target is leaving after two years. It is unfair (ok, maybe that’s a little personal) and it’s just too bad.  In my opinion, it was definitely bad planning on the company to expand so quickly with so many stores and so little stock in such a short period of time.

But, what’s done is done and all that is left to do is to hit the sales. So, when I entered the store, I couldn’t believe how stocked the shelves were.  I’m not sure where they were hiding all the merchandise, but it definitely wasn’t in any of the stores over the past couple years.

Who doesn’t need a plaid shirt?
Denim and chambray shirts are always in style and there were plenty on the racks.
Espradrilles or slip on runners? Floral, stripes and solids. Perfect for Spring.
Colourful buckets and bins for organizing.
Shine a light on it! So many great lamps.
For the kitchen command centre, or in the mudroom, this chalkboard would be perfect.
I have always loved these aluminum or brushed steel bar stools. Best price is at Target.
Racks and racks of girls’ clothes, bathing suits and jackets in lots of sizes.
Another cute chalkboard – this one was in the garden section.

So, I’m sad to report on this day that I didn’t buy much except for some small items from the dollar section.  I wish I had bought the acrylic ball lamps like this:


Because when I went back last week, they were gone!   Fast forward a couple weeks and the shelves were pretty much empty.  In fact, they were selling the shelves! Yes, they were!

A few empty shelves won’t stop me from going back until they are closed.  The The Budget Babe just posted this all about the shirts you need to buy among other things from Target.

Here’s hoping a few of those shirts might just be at my store.  I’ll keep you posted.

My “new” list

Last week, the Monday Listicles wanted to know what your favourite new things were, but I was a little disorganized last week, so I never made my list.  This week, it’s a free style list – list your own top 10 whatevers!

So, I’m going back to last week and I’m going to list my 10 favourite new things (in no particular order):

  1. Shoes, boots, runners (tennis shoes), flip flops – basically any new footwear!
  2. Books – I love cracking the spine and turning the pages of a new book.
  3. Magazines – I have a subscription to 3 monthly magazines and I love the day they arrive.
  4. Friends – I have met a few in the past years and am so glad they are people I now call a friend.
  5. Movies – it is so much fun to see a new movie and thankfully, there have been a lot of them recently.
  6. Notebooks – I love writing in a brand new notebook with clean pages.
  7. Lists – I make a new to-do list every Monday.
  8. Tricks – when our dog does a new trick, it makes all of us smile!
  9. Chocolate – opening a new dark chocolate with sea salt bar – mmm!!
  10. Make up – I don’t wear a lot, but I love getting new product to try and use.



Fall Organizing

If January is a time of resolutions and fresh starts, and March is for spring cleaning, then September is the month of organizing.

I have been feeling the urge since the end of August to use my label maker, buy some baskets and clean closets.  Maybe it  was the post by Thrifty Decor Chick and how her house was being decrapified (love that word).  Read what she did here.  It is so inspiring!

I have been doing this on and off for months, but now I am way more motivated!  Fall is my season to decrapify (love that word) my house.   I have already accumulated about 4 small garbage bags of clothes, shoes, books, toys and random household objects.  All these will be donated to our local thrift store and I am excited knowing I will be adding more to my donation pile.

I have made a list of both indoor and outdoor projects that I would like to accomplish before November 30th.  Some of these projects are:

  • painting touch ups
  • finding a cabinet for the kids’ bathroom
  • storage solutions for our basement playroom
  • hanging pictures
  • planting bulbs outdoors
  • re-staining the deck
  • closets, closets, closets

The list goes on and on.  Wish me luck.

One of my first organizing tasks was my shoe closet.  I used to always remember what shoe was stored in what box.  Well, add a few years, 2 kids and I no longer have that skill.



So, I decided to switch all my shoes into clear shoe boxes.  The shoe boxes were on sale at Canadian Tire for $1.24. I originally bought 6, but had to go back and buy more (of course…)




This project was a quick win.   It took very little time, was low cost and now I can see my shoes.

And who doesn’t want to see her shoes ?  🙂

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Work clothes

About 4 years ago, I became a stay at home mom. I would have to say my “work clothes” have sometimes been questionable due to this change in status. Most days, I would get it right (or close), and there are other days, when I should not have left the house.

Since starting our 50 Day challenge, I have to say I have 90% more good days than not. Except for yesterday. My son was home sick from school, and since I couldn’t go anywhere, I ended up like this:


Tired grey hoodie and great grey sweats from Lululemon.

But today was different! Since I had a visit to a friend’s house and errands to run, my fairy godmother made me look like this:

Great top from Aritzia, Hudson jeans and striped Splendid flats.

Some days it is easier to get dressed for work than others!

It’s here!

Last week, the US based store,Marshalls opened in Vancouver. I was quite keen to check out this store.  I was in the Palm Springs store last Fall and had scored a few good buys.

This store has only been open a few days, so it was clean and bright, and full of a great assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories. I would have to say the shoe department impressed me the most. An amazing selection at every price point! Check out these Coach flip flops in this great orange colour:


Depending on your budget, you might need these:


I also thought this sweater was cute:

I didn’t buy any of those things, but I did come home with a new white shirt. You can never have enough white shirts.  Can you?

And we’re off….!

No, no, the challenge hasn’t started yet!  But I am off with 2 good friends for our semi-annual trip South of the Border.  We will hit the Premium Outlet Mall on our way down and then end up at Bellevue Mall for the remainder of the weekend.  I will also squeeze in a birthday dinner with my little sister!

The sun is shining today and in preparation for our trip, I decided to do a little research ahead of time to see what is new for Spring in the stores.  I checked a few websites and found bright colours for tops and bottoms.  Accessories are also key and I love the turquoise jewellery I am seeing everywhere.

I also found this blog, No Guru, which is sponsored by a local clothing store. I thought there were some good tips in her posts and I might try and use some suggestions.   I like the idea of a boyfriend style blazer and since I don’t have one, it is probably a piece I could use in my wardrobe.

I was excited yesterday by the arrival of these shoes:Image

I have been coveting them since last November, so when I saw they were on sale, I ordered them.  They are fun and my wardrobe definitely needs some fun!

So, wish me luck.  As I read K’s post about my niece’s morning meltdown, I was transported back in time.  I am hoping to have a successful shopping weekend to avoid any future meltdowns of my own.