What’s In My Console…




Ever read US Weekly? Remember that feature they do when they dump out and list the contents of a celebrity’s bag? That gorgeous, pricey bag?

Well, as I sat in the pickup line at school waiting for my daughters I decided to clean my car a little and this is what I found in my console:







1. Four pens: one basic, cheap model from Staples, one rollerball/highlighter double ended number and two ballpoints with squishy, grippy bases hijacked from my former job.

2. Halls and Ricola throat lozenges. Not sure the last time either was used. Probably time to toss.

3. One “C” battery??

4. Two lip glosses and one definitely needs to go because I’ve been twisting that tube for 3 days and nothing comes out. Oh, and a Burt’s Bees  Replenishing lip balm…just because it smells so good.

5. A gloss-stained business card from a job I no longer have.

6. Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen because I heard you are more likely to get skin cancer on your left arm because of it’s exposure to the window and because your hands will show aging quickly so you should protect them.

7. Vaseline Hand and Nail lotion. This stuff is great, cheap and I’ve been using it for years. There are probably 4 more tubes of that in various parts of my car and handbag.


Tomorrow’s mission? What’s Under the Seats?


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