Work clothes

About 4 years ago, I became a stay at home mom. I would have to say my “work clothes” have sometimes been questionable due to this change in status. Most days, I would get it right (or close), and there are other days, when I should not have left the house.

Since starting our 50 Day challenge, I have to say I have 90% more good days than not. Except for yesterday. My son was home sick from school, and since I couldn’t go anywhere, I ended up like this:


Tired grey hoodie and great grey sweats from Lululemon.

But today was different! Since I had a visit to a friend’s house and errands to run, my fairy godmother made me look like this:

Great top from Aritzia, Hudson jeans and striped Splendid flats.

Some days it is easier to get dressed for work than others!