Holiday Packing – Follow up

This past week, my blog feed has been filled with posts about about Thanksgiving, snow, Christmas and holiday decorating.



I interrupt these festivities to bring you an update about  what I packed for a trip to Hawaii.

What to packor not...


The rainy weather comes fairly early here on the West Coast and with the Remembrance Day holiday in early November, many families take a holiday to a sun destination before the real cold and rain sets in.

A few weeks ago, I lamented about what to pack for this trip.  I do this for most trips and always pack just a few too many things.  So, to move this along so that you can get back to your blanket scarf and holiday decorating,  here is what I packed:

  • 3 pairs of shorts (black, khaki, distressed denim)
  • 2 black & cream short patterned dresses
  • 1 long black & grey maxi dress
  • 2 tank tops (orange & blue)
  • 1 skirt (grey)
  • 4 tees (white, black, graphic and purple)
  • 1 pair of lululemon athletic pants (to wear on the plane)
  • 1 cardigan (black)
  • 1 sport jacket (black – to wear on the plane)
  • 3 bathings suits
  • 2 cover ups
  • exercise clothes
  • 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of flip flops and Nike fun runners


Are you wondering how much of this I wore?  You might be surprised.

  • 1 pair of shorts  – the black ones only. Realized that I don’t like the distressed denim ones and didn’t need the khaki ones.
  • 1 short dress – made by Columbia with a built in bra in a forgiving pattern for wrinkles and spills.  The other dress was an impulse online order and never fit well or looked good.
  • 1 long maxi dress – wore a couple times for dinner – love it!
  • 1 tank top – the orange one added colour to my shorts and fit better than the blue one I dragged along
  • 1 skirt – this grey t-shirt skirt goes everywhere with me and pretty much any top goes with it.  Super easy to pack and wear.
  • 3 tees – I wore the white one the most, then the graphic one and lastly the purple one.  The black one stayed in my suitcase the whole time, which is surprising for me.
  • 2 bathing suits were worn and both cover ups.
  • All the shoes were worn regularly.


So, as you can see I slightly overpacked.  Not by a great amount but there were about 8 extra items that hooked a ride on my trip and weren’t needed.

These hot tropical type vacations really don’t require a lot of clothing.  You rarely see the same people twice, most condos have laundry facilities and with the exception of the odd dinner out, it is a pretty casual trip.  Bring along a few pieces of jewellery and voila your outfit has changed.

We now resume our regular programming.  Cue Christmas music, elf and holiday decorating.



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Layer, layer, layer

Although it is Spring, it is not warm in most parts of North America.  How do you stay warm, but shed all those heavy winter clothes?

I found this article on Huffington Post Canada how to layer your clothes for our questionable Spring weather.   The writer has lived in various cities across Canada, so she knows what she is talking about when it comes to dressing for Spring.

Here in Vancouver, we have been having some fairly sunny days, but don’t misunderstand me, they are not warm sunny days.   There has also been a strong wind and I am cold!   I don’t want to wear my winter jacket, but my lightweight jackets are definitely not warm enough!  What’s a girl to do ?

Layer, layer, layer.

Well, the only things I have to layer are cardigans; black and grey to be exact. I put on a black cardigan last week and it felt dark and dreary.   Oh, but the grey cardigan looked just right!  I guess I will just have to stay warm with my grey cardigan.


The Rules


Today is Good Friday, the sun is shining, the cherry blossoms are blossoming and we think that it’s a good day to officially start our challenge.

In order to have a challenge, there needs to be a set of rules.  Here is what we have come up with:

1.  It is ok to wear a grey coat or cardigan – coats are an essential item in keeping warm and most of us don’t own a large amount of outerwear (well, maybe some of you do, but that is another post).

2.  For comfort, are grey sweatpants ok on the weekend, or after 5pm at home ?  Yes!  As long as they fit well and are somewhat stylish.

3.  Purses – grey and pewter purses and any other similar colour are definitely ok.  Purses are an investment and you should use the ones you have.

4.  Grey shoes – Runners, tennis shoes, and flip flops are acceptable.  They just are.  They are almost a given. Flats and boots, also ok.   Good shoes are important to your look and first impressions.  Always wear good shoes!

5. Accessories in shades of grey are also permitted. Scarves, belts and jewelry. It’s just too much to even think about replacing all of those items.  But they need to be worn with colour!

6.  Grey tops are only allowed in an emergency situation and must be worn with a colourful scarf or necklace.

7. The challenge will officially end on May 17th.

Sidebar…are we creating so many rules that we will eventually justify everything?

We will post photos and updates of what we are wearing, so wish us luck and follow along while we try to wear no grey for 50 days.

Spring Break – break with old habits ?

It is Spring Break in Vancouver this week, so I took the kids to the Vancouver Aquarium.   The kids love coming here and are never bored with sea creatures.  As we moved from exhibit to exhibit, we saw sea turtles, sharks, garden eels, otters, belugas, you get my drift.

My favourites ?  The brightly coloured tropical fish, sea stars and sea anemones.  They have always been my favourites.   How could you not love them?  They are fascinating to watch as they navigate their underwater world.


As I looked at the other visitors, most of them were dressed like me.  Jeans, black boots, dark coats.  My daughter was wearing a bright pink shirt and jacket.  Hours earlier, when she was getting dressed, I asked if she wanted to wear black like mommy.  Do you know what she said?  “No, it’s not pretty.”  Well, she nailed that didn’t she ?

During our recent trip to Maui, I barely wore grey and when I did it was shorts or capri pants.  My tank tops were bright and lively and my white shirts looked crisp and cool. Maybe it was the heat or the sunshine or both, but I wouldn’t think of putting on a drab grey shirt.  And neither did most of the other tourists I saw.

When did we (the royal we) lose our desire to wear colour?  Have you seen a playground or elementary schoolyard recently?  The girls are in various shades of colour (not always a good look, but you get my point).  Most boys are dressed in standard blue, grey, red with the odd spot of orange thrown in by an colour confident mom.  I think in high school, it starts to change.  The colours become more muted as teenagers try and fit in and not stand out.

But as adults, we are more confident in our choices, so why do some of us seem so drab ?   Is it just the area where we live ?  Is it the seasons?  Last Fall, when burgundy seemed to be the in colour, I bought a couple shirts and vowed to wear them regularly.  Did I ?  Not really, just every few weeks.  Why?  Because grey filled my shelves and it was easier to grab.

As I start to prepare for our challenge, I am going to be more open to colour.  I can’t say I will be the brightest on the block, but I am going to try to change.  I am going to look for inspiration and try to break my grey habit.  Wish me luck.