A Three Hour Tour

A Three Hour Tour? What does that phrase mean to you ? Keep reading…

Sometime during the summer, a boat cruise was planned for this past weekend. It was with 15 friends and acquaintances and was a way to hang out, and see Vancouver from a different perspective. Thankfully, the weather this past week has been unusually warm for the Lower Mainland, and we were all looking forward to relaxing in the sun. Unfortunately for us, the fog (yes, fog) rolled in early that day and decided to stay for our boat trip.

This group wasn’t about to let a little fog spoil their trip, so off we headed for a three hour tour (cue the music) on a boat that did resemble the SS Minnow, just a little bit. These similarities got me to thinking about that fateful trip. Thankfully, our trip was filled with wine, food, and laughs, and no we did not end up on a deserted island.

Knowing what to wear on a boat in the fog had a few of us puzzled. I pulled together this sort of nautical look with a Lululemon striped top, white jeans, flats in a Tiffany blue colour, and a jean jacket for added warmth.


It worked. I spent 90%of the trip out on the deck and felt comfortable enough with the breeze and cool air.

The weather didn’t get that rough and the tiny ship was not tossed. The fearless crew Captain kept us out of the way of a large tanker (this really happened) and brought us safely back to dock.

Fall is definitely in the air and this was a fun way to send off summer.

Cue the music to the Gilligan’s Island theme song (if you didn’t already guess my references).

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