Fun Friday Fashion

Check out this story in today’s Vancouver Sun.

Who would have thought the RCMP would make the best dressed list?

For those in the US who may not know, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are the national police force across Canada.  The RCMP are found in small communities and larger cities all across Canada.  Their timeless red serge is a classic and is well known around the world.

Congrats to the RCMP on being the best dressed of the police fashion world!


image courtesy of Wikipedia

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Back to School ?

While most families are eagerly anticipating the end of school next week, these ladies have something to really celebrate.  Check out this article from the Vancouver Sun, High School Seniors Graduate

I. Love. This. Story.

How cool that these three women over the age of 75 have graduated with their high school diplomas ?

So when you think to yourself that you are too old to try something, think again!!