It’s almost here!!

In T – 1 week, yes in just one week….Nordstrom will open in Vancouver!

nordstrom vancouver

You could say I’m  everyone is pretty excited!  Ok, maybe not everyone (my husband doesn’t seem to care).  In just seven days, we will have access to the great brands, selection and fantastic service that up until now, we have had to drive 3 hours south of Vancouver for.  With the Canadian dollar doing poorly against the US, I’m wondering if my sister and her American neighbours and their wallets might venture north to check out our new store ?

I probably won’t go on opening day, but I’m hoping to shop the following week.

Can’t. wait.

To have, or not to have…

Are there certain things in your closet that you cannot live without?   I know I have my go to clothes (grey, anyone?). Seriously though, I think we all have some items that are our go to, and we would be lost without them.   This week’s list from the Monday Listicles is 10 must haves in your wardrobe.   I could easily come up with 10 items on my own, but I decided to share this list with my sister.

My list:

  1. Hunter Rain Boots – I live in Vancouver – need I say more ?
  2. Rag & Bone jeans – so comfortable and so worth the investment
  3. Lululemon running pants – if only they would help me run faster and longer
  4. White t-shirts – I believe you can never have too many in your closet
  5. Grey cardigan – it just goes with everything




My sister’s list:

  1. North Face long grey raincoat – living in Seattle, need I say more?
  2. Asics Gel Kayano running shoes – so at least my feet are comfortable while I run
  3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop pants – just because
  4. AG skinny jeans – everyone needs skinny jeans that make you feel great
  5. Assorted long tank tops in grey, white, black and natural – they go with everything


unnamed 0


The 10 things we listed are basics to living where we live.  Can you imagine our must have wardrobe list if we lived in Hawaii, Greece or Icleand?  Hmm….



It’s a Snow Day!!

I know pretty much everywhere except the wet West Coast, it’s been a brutal winter.  To say that we have had a fair weather winter would be an understatement. That is until 2 days ago.

Over the weekend and all day today, it’s been snowing!  And yes, I’m loving it.  So are the kids.  So is the dog.




It won’t last for long, but I will enjoy it while it does.

City Top 10

This week on the Monday Listicles, Stasha has suggested we list our top 10 favourite things about our homes or our cities. Since my sister and I share this blog, we thought we would each do our City Top 10.

So, without further ado, and counting down in no particular order, here are my sister’s Seattle Top 10:

1. Fantastic restaurants – something for every palette and budget
2. Space Needle
3. View of Mt. Rainier on a clear day
4. Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, Lake Union – all within 20 minutes of each other
5. Close proximity to Vancouver, B.C. where my family lives
6. Unlimited access to and choice of amazing Washington wines
7. Friendly people
8. Beautiful hiking trails a short drive away
9. Seattle legalized gay marriage
10. Hometown of Nordstrom
My Vancouver Top 10 are:
1. Close to the ocean and beaches – only 10 minutes away!
2. Only 1.5 hours to Whistler, door to door
3. Dog friendly city (well, most places)
4. So many restaurants, so little time – we have great choices at great prices
5. Only 45 minutes to the US border enroute to visit my sister, and shop (of course)
6. The weather – we actually have 4 seasons (albeit a couple of them are pretty rainy)
7. The year round Farmers Markets – the Winter Market is just blocks from my house!
8. Easy access to our community centres for swimming, skating and other fun activities
9. The Vancouver Aquarium – it is probably the place my kids ask to go the most
10. The Canucks – love ’em or hate ’em, but they are our home team!

All in the Family

Over the weekend, we became a Blundstone family.  Ever since then, I have been humming the theme song to the Flinstones, but substituting the word Blundstones.    Try it, it’s quite catchy…

I didn’t know this, but Blundstone is a Tasmanian company that was founded in 1870 and they have been making these boots ever since.  The store in Vancouver is only about 500 square feet at the most and apparently, they sell more boots there than any where else in the world!!


This is the boot style that started it all for our family.  About 2 years ago, I convinced my husband to try these boots.  I didn’t really know anyone that wore them, but I seen them around town and thought they would suit him.  And they did.  He wears them faithfully all year, with the exception of summer.

A few weeks ago, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided that my son should also have a pair.  He only wears runners (tennis shoes) to school and on the wet days, he ends up with wet feet.  Although, Blundstones are much pricer than his runners, I thought it would be a good investment.

So, on Saturday, we headed to the store on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver.   We were lucky to have the manager help us and she was great.  My son was measured and tried on a few boots before settling on a pair similar to his Dad’s.  While my husband and son were trying boots, I decided that my daughter should also have a pair.  A few minutes later, she was hopping around the store in a pair of dark brown smooth leather Blunnies.  All eyes were then on me.  Did I need a pair?  Did I want a pair?  Hmm….  Well, I tried on the round toe and the chisel toe.  Both looked and felt great.  The staff were divided and liked both styles.  After much humming and hawing, I bought the round toe chestnut brown.


After an hour in the store, and we all went home with Blundstones and I am so happy. The kids are totally rocking the Blundstone style with skinny jeans (my son) and leggings (my daughter).

I have been scouring Pinterest, Polyvore and the internet to find examples of how I should wear Blundstones in style.  But I can’t find many fashion type images!  A family member wears hers with boyfriend jeans and layers long tops.  I am thinking skinny jeans and leggings, but need to try a few outfits before I step out of the house.

So, the fun is just beginning for the Flinstones Blunstones.

Blundstones.  Meet the Blundstones.  They’re the modern boot wearing family!


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These boots were made for….

Rain.  Holy Puddles, Batman!  We had an epic rainstorm this past weekend and the forecast for this week isn’t much better!

It is still September (barely) and we are having huge rainstorms.  For those of you that think it always rains in Vancouver, you are wrong, right, sort of.  Yes, we get rain for most of the Fall, Winter and a good portion of Spring.  But the type of rain we have had lately is of Winter proportions.  You could almost use a boat or an ark to get around town these past few days.

That said, when you have kids and a dog, you just have to go outside, regardless of the weather.   So, unless you plan to stay indoors for 6 months, you will learn equip yourself with the best that rain gear has to offer.

Today, our lesson will focus on rain boots.  They come in many different heights, styles, colours, and prices.  After years of buying colourful, fun and well priced   cheap boots, I upgraded to a pair of Hunters.  A good friend had bought a pair of, swore by how great they were, and the rest is history.  Here are my grey Hunters (they were purchased before I thought I had a problem with grey):


They cost  way more than I ever thought I would pay for a pair of rain boots.  But in the 3 years I have had them, I haven’t regretted it one bit.  I had never seen Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith, where her red Hunter boots made such a big appearance.  But now looking at it, it’s a pretty good visual.  Not sure how it would have impacted my buying decision, but doesn’t really matter now, does it ?


image from

While out shopping the other day, I saw these rain boots, which had me wishing for a second pair:


New from Hunter are the Rubber Moto.  How cool  are these ?   I also saw this Moto style from Sperry Top-Sider:


A little glossier than the Hunter and just as cool.

This Hunter boot in a gorgeous magenta also caught my attention:


Spend your money wisely, and get the best boots you can.  You will wear them as you get into your ark this winter.  I promise.


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Summer Fun

This week, The Monday Listicles wants to know what we will remember from this summer.   So many memories, so hard to narrow it down to just 10.

In no particular order, they are:

  1. The great, great weather – Vancouver had a great summer – ask anyone!
  2. My 3 weekends in Whistler – we are lucky to live so close and there is so much to do there.IMG_3324
  3. Spending time with friends we don’t get to see often – the lack of schedules in summer is usually the only way to make this happen.
  4. My sister getting engaged – happy times for her and her family.
  5. My daughter learning to ride her bike without training wheels –  she’s a big girl now (sort of).IMG_4276
  6. Our puppy swimming for the first time – it is so much fun to have a water dog!
  7. Finally running over 10 km – there were too many runs where I ended at 9.8km, glad I hit the 10 km!
  8. Sauvignon Blanc and fresh caught salmon – the two together are such a great combination.
  9. My son’s enthusiasm when biking, swimming, tubing and climbing – I want to bottle this and take some for myself.
  10. The great, great weather – it would be hard not to put this on the list twice 🙂

With the exception of the past couple weeks, the summer did fly by.  I can’t believe school starts tomorrow.

But I can’t lie, I am looking forward to a new routine, a new schedule and a little time to myself 🙂

If I had a million dollars…

Remember that song by the Barenaked Ladies ?

Well, back in 1992 when that song was first released, you could buy an amazing home for $1 million dollars that had a huge yard, a built in swimming pool and a tennis court.

Today ?  Well, you would need $25 million to buy this condo, with a pool, but no yard and no tennis court:

I wonder if they will ever change the words to their song…