B is for Bootie

I sure do love my booties!   I have always had ankle boots, but over the past couple years, they seem to be calling them booties.  Whatever you call them, I like ’em!

My sister recently bought this lovely pair, and surprise they are grey:

grey bootie

I was convinced to buy Toms wedge booties after reading rave reviews about them on Pinterest Told Me To.  This blog has the best suggestions for fashion and excellent reviews.  I was not disappointed with these booties at all!

desert grey toms wedge booties

My next pair is your basic black bootie.  Goes anywhere and with anything.  They were purchased last year at Vince Camuto.  So sad that he passed away this week.  He was such a great designer.

IMG_6323 My most recent bootie purchase was a grey (yes, grey) pair with a stacked heel:

desert grey toms wedge bootie

Although they don’t look grey, they are a bit of a dirty grey with a dash of brown around the edges.  Super comfortable, although they have a little bit of flannel inside and my feet tend to get a little toasty while wearing them.

Lastly, my Blundstones. bloodstones with boyfriend jeans

I wrote about them here last year and it is one of our most viewed posts.  Blundstones are a hard wearing boot.  They seem to last forever!  I prefer wearing mine with skinny jeans and pants, but I have also tried them with boyfriend jeans, although I am not convinced it is the right look (for me, anyway).

I have had my eye on this pair by Sam Edelman for months now.  But maybe I have enough booties, or maybe not…

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50 Days – Done!

And we’re done!  Day 50 is today.  My no grey challenge was a marginal success compared to last year. I definitely struggled more, but besides the weather I think I was a little lazy complacent when it came to banishing the grey from my day to day (hey, that rhymes!).

Grey is my go to.  It’s my easy to put on. It’s my always looks good (or does it?).

I love the idea of wearing a neutral head to toe.  While I was out shopping today, I saw a woman of a similar age wearing shades of cream; blouse, scarf, skinny jeans and flats.  She looked fantastic.  It reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie A Perfect Murder.  Her wardrobe was classic.  Simple, yet stylish neutrals paired together.

Today was sunny and I was feeling sunny and colourful, so I ended my challenge like this:

cute Tiffany coloured flats from Vince Camuto

I’m glad the challenge is over, but I do wish I had done a better job.  Oh, well, there’s always next year!