Grandma & the Reindeer

On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a funny Christmas song and video.  It is hard to believe that this song has been around for 30 years!   My family grew up with it and loved it from the moment we heard it.  I know my sister will laugh and smile when she sees it today. I hope you enjoy it, too!

I’m feeling blue…

I really love the colour blue and all most shades in the family.  Overall, I think it is my happy colour as it relaxing and reminds me of my favourite places; the beach and ocean.  For the past couple years, I have fallen in love again with turquoise and have tried to put it into my wardrobe with tops and jewelry as frequently as I can.

Last week for our anniversary dinner, I wore this:


A tunic style turquoise and blue top from H&M, white jeans from Old Navy and Franco Sarto sandals in a periwinkle blue.  I love this combination, it is summery, and I feel great when I wear it.

Since I’ve been so blue lately, I ordered this Aileen necklace from Stella & Dot:


It is such a great piece and I am so glad I bought it.  I have mentioned in an earlier post that I love accessories, but forget to wear them. This necklace will be so easy to wear as it looks great with white, navy, black and even grey (oh yes!).

As long as I remember to wear it…

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Single Mom Rant

Unless you are a single mom by death or divorce you are not a single mom and don’t know what it’s like. Unless you are a military wife and your husband is on a long deployment you don’t know what it is like to be a single parent.

When your husband is on a business trip please don’t post on Facebook that you are a “single mom this week!”. You’re not. You are a mom with a husband out of town. You think it’s cute to tag yourself as a mom with no support who now must handle all the aspects of parenting 24 hours a day on your own. How on earth will you ever get a break?!

It’s not cute. You don’t know what it’s like to live that lifestyle on a permanent basis and it’s disrespectful to those of us who do.

Colour Colour Everywhere

While my son was attending a birthday party in the mall, I spent my time wandering through Daiso, the Japanese $2 store.  It is overwhelming!  There were 2 full floors of everything you could imagine and in every colour possible.

I have to admit, the coloured baskets, slippers, dishes, stationary, and various knick-knacks all caught my attention.  Maybe it’s because it is Spring, or maybe they just stock brightly coloured items all year. Either way, my eyes couldn’t focus on just one thing.  With all the great items in the store, my basket could have been a lot fuller than it already was.

Here are a couple things that caught my eye:



I was almost late to pick up my son.  Almost.


Last week, my sister issued us a joint challenge.  By the end of the weekend, we were to  buy something new to wear in the colour green, Pantone’s colour of the year.

Well, I have to say that I passed the challenge.  This green and white plaid boyfriend shirt from Nordstrom was my choice and I am really happy with it.

I wonder if my sister was as successful.   More on my weekend shopping trip in a later post 🙂


Stop Screaming at Me!!

As I was in the mall buying my child a new swim shirt, I couldn’t help but take pictures of the colourful tanks and hoodies that were hanging around Old Navy.Image


They were literally screaming, “Hello!?!  Do you see me?!  I am colourful!!  You are not!!

I was wearing a tired grey tshirt, grey cardigan, worn out grey animal print scarf and dark jeans.  The clothes were right to scream at me.  It was not a good look.

The shirt and scarf are now being donated. But I think I need to keep the grey cardigan…it might look good with a colourful tank underneath…..