What’s In My Console…




Ever read US Weekly? Remember that feature they do when they dump out and list the contents of a celebrity’s bag? That gorgeous, pricey bag?

Well, as I sat in the pickup line at school waiting for my daughters I decided to clean my car a little and this is what I found in my console:







1. Four pens: one basic, cheap model from Staples, one rollerball/highlighter double ended number and two ballpoints with squishy, grippy bases hijacked from my former job.

2. Halls and Ricola throat lozenges. Not sure the last time either was used. Probably time to toss.

3. One “C” battery??

4. Two lip glosses and one definitely needs to go because I’ve been twisting that tube for 3 days and nothing comes out. Oh, and a Burt’s Bees  Replenishing lip balm…just because it smells so good.

5. A gloss-stained business card from a job I no longer have.

6. Coppertone Water Babies sunscreen because I heard you are more likely to get skin cancer on your left arm because of it’s exposure to the window and because your hands will show aging quickly so you should protect them.

7. Vaseline Hand and Nail lotion. This stuff is great, cheap and I’ve been using it for years. There are probably 4 more tubes of that in various parts of my car and handbag.


Tomorrow’s mission? What’s Under the Seats?


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No Resolution Required

If I were a New Year’s Resolution kind of person, which I’m not, I would have both failed and succeeded all via our dinner this evening.

As a working single mom, I have relied on take out and convenience foods way more than I’m proud of over the past 3+ years. No time to plan, shop for and execute the healthy, nutritious meals I so wish I had been serving my girls. I also was guilty of sometimes doing things for my girls that they should have been doing for themselves because I deemed it quicker and less of a hassle if I did it myself.

This past weekend when one of them asked me for a glass of water I paused and said “2014! The Year Of Doing Things For Ourselves!”

I got raised eyebrows and a bit of a grumble and then she went and got herself a glass of water. Winner! So this afternoon on what was to be Taco Tuesday, my eldest (the one with the raised eyebrows) pulls out a library book she got today by some kid named Jack Witherspoon. Not just any book, a cookbook. And not written by just any kid, an amazing kid who survived leukemia and raises money for cancer research.

“Mom, can we make something out of this book tonight?”

There it was. The opportunity to nail both resolutions (if I had them). Home cooked meal and independence in one shot. I paused and glanced at the clock. 4:30 p.m. and it was dark and rainy. I didn’t want to go to the store but this is 2014 and I was going to get us all off on the right foot!

Off to the store we went with a list. By this time I’d realized that home cooked was going to have to do and that healthy was not on eldest daughter’s mind. Tonight’s choice, courtesy of Jack Witherspoon’s book, Fettuccine with cream, mushrooms, chicken and peas. But, hey, if it’s good enough for Jack, it’s good enough for us! And this is not a meal we have ever eaten together at home or anywhere else.

Back home, the girls chip in and are now fighting to help make dinner! One measures, one pours. One stirs, one tosses. Voila! In just 30 minutes we were dining on Jack’s Fettuccine. And it was pretty good. Okay, really good, if not a little higher in cream than I was planning on but…oh well! Mission accomplished. Eldest declares it awesome and stakes her claim on leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

Now I know there are moms tsk tsking me knowing full well that most kids are more likely to eat different foods when they take part in the preparation. I KNOW that, people! Please see the beginning of my post where I say I had really been too time-crunched to plan that far in advance.

But that is soooo 2013! Tonight my kids did for themselves AND me AND we had a home cooked meal. During dinner we flipped through Jack’s book, aptly called Twist It Up. We twisted it up today, thanks to him. His book was published just two years ago. I hope Jack is still healthy and whipping up more of his fabulous recipes. We’ve already picked tomorrow’s meal, Rockin’ Chili. No resolutions needed.

20140107-201459.jpgPlease know this photo does no justice to the meal. By the time I remembered to take a picture this was all that was left and it had been refrigerated for an hour or so. Presentation is everything.

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I love…

I haven’t posted in a long time and have just spent the past 30 minutes reading all the good stuff my sister in Canada has been blogging about.

It’s Veteran’s Day here in the U.S. and Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. I have yet to embrace that holiday with same fervent passion my American friends do (I really just love the extra long weekend) but I came across something the other day that made me smile and be thankful.

My youngest brought a journal home from school that they are allowed to just write in whenever they have extra time. Sometimes the teacher will give them a topic. It isn’t marked or recorded. Just for extra writing practice.


The first two made me love that kid even more. The 4th item is abbreviated. It stands for American Girl (the dolls, the store, the works). I love that she added family and some people that will soon be family. I love that she added music singers. She loves to sing and listen to music of all genres.

Most of all I love that she wrote this in her journal knowing that probably no one other than herself would read it. She didn’t know that I would browse through it and she certainly doesn’t know I’m behaving like one of those obnoxious FB moms who posts about how selfless and generous their kid is.

But I did and I am. Just not on FB.

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On the Ice


It’s been about 5 months, maybe six that my son laced up his skates and hit the ice.  At that time, we were done. It had been a great season, but the previous six months felt long and it was time for a break.

Last night, we were back at the rink for his first practice of the season. You know what? I was excited to be back. It was great to feel the chill of the rink, to smell the stale air in the dressing room (well, maybe not so much), and to see the teammates and families again.

It is still summer outside, but it’s going to be a relief to be inside the cool rink waiting for the puck to drop!


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Twas the Night Before First Day


Twas the Night Before First Day




Twas the night before first day and all through my head

Not a backpack was packed, not a new form was read.

The children were grumpy and hyper and tired

Too many Diet Cokes and I felt totally wired.


The clothes were laid out with shocking good care

With socks for their feet and bows for their hair.

With kids in their jammies and I dressed in mine

I convinced us all the first day would be fine.


When out in the yard there came a loud scream!

Time for summer tradition – go for ice cream!

Away in the car we drove in a flash

To Baskin Robbins I handed my cash.


Back home we arrived and got ready for bed.

I ran the to-do list around in my head.

With reading done and kisses doled out

I headed downstairs to figure it out.


I folded the laundry and ironed the clothes.

Had to have it all done before they arose.

Paperwork done and lunches in bags

No missing snacks and no kid in rags.


We all had a good time in this summer so great.

School came so fast when I wished it would wait.

But the new year is here and tomorrow we’ll part

And get the school year off to a wonderful start!

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Let It Be


A couple years ago I rediscovered how much I enjoy going to see live music. The eye-opener was U2 with Lenny Kravitz. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen and the 3rd date with the same guy I’m still seeing now.

Over the past couple years we’ve made it a point to attend as many concerts, big and small, that we’ve been able to fit in. Some were fun, like Train and INXS. Some were amazing performances like Coldplay and Maroon 5. Some, like Madonna, were kind of disappointing.

Friday night we saw Paul McCartney in Seattle at Safeco Field. It was the first concert held at that venue in its history and took 8 days and 250 people to put it together. So. Well. Worth. It.

To be clear, I was never a huge Beatles fan. But this was Paul McCartney! Stella’s dad! He of Beatles and Wings fame! Chalked it up to one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and off we went with another couple to enjoy a night out.

Paul McCartney is amazing and fun in one 71-year-old human package. 71 years old!!! He played 3 hours and I never saw him take a sip of water. He made the crowd laugh, clap, cheer and sing along. In fact, it was the first concert we’d attended together that I heard my guy singing along. He says he finally knew the words to the songs. We barely sat down for the entire show and I had the sore feet to prove it.

Nearly 3 hours in and nearing what we assumed to be the finale, Sir Paul announces he has a special surprise for the Seattle crowd. Go figure. He introduces Dave Grohl and the other surviving members of Nirvana. As a friend put it so well “I went to see Paul McCartney and a Nirvana concert broke out!” These guys were clearly having the best time and again, Paul kept up with the younger guys. In fact, he came out two more times and brought them in with him.

Time and again my friends and I shook our heads at each other and commented how amazing the show was. We grabbed each other’s arms when Hey, Jude began and shed a tear when he dedicated a song to first his current wife, Nancy, and then later to his first wife, Linda. We made a deal to buy a Stella McCartney bag instead of a concert souvenir!

I’m not going out to track down vintage Beatles albums or buy a Union Jack t-shirt. But I will put this concert right up there with U2 and I have to admit I didn’t think I would put Sir Paul McCartney in the same category as Bono.

These Shoes Were Made…for me.

If you haven’t gathered from a couple of my earlier posts, I love to wear athletic gear/loungewear/workout clothes whether or not I’m going to exercise. All week, like so many, I get dressed up and go to work. And the first thing I do when I get home is change into something comfortable. The second thing I do is wash off my makeup but that’s a different post.
I also love tennis shoes. I laugh when I write that because in Canada you call them “runners” and I used to as well. Then I moved to the U.S. and received a blank stare when I asked for a recommendation as to where to buy such shoes. The term “tennis shoes” makes me really laugh. Hardly anyone I know plays tennis. My kids call them that, having grown up here and not knowing any different. They also say pah-sta instead of pasta which drives me crazy but that’s another post as well.
Anyways, I find I have three categories of tennis shoes. I wear one brand of tennis shoes for running. I like Asics Gel Kayano for that. I wear another style for wearing with skinny jeans and leggings and I like Converse for that. The in-between shoes are for wearing with my Lulus and boot-cut jeans (which Americans like to do as well and I’m trying to fit in). Asics are too sporty and I feel unfeminine in Converse and wider legged jeans. Don’t ask. It is what it is.
So, I’ve been on a hunt for a tennis shoe to fit this requirement. I also thought it appropriate that it fit the No-Gray requirement. And today I found it! Only I had to go to three stores to find my size but when I did I was so happy I wore them out of the store…with my Lulus…and I did not play tennis.