Last Day!!

It is pouring rain as I type this.  It is June 27th and it is pouring rain!  Today happens to be the last day of school for most of us living in British Columbia!  Where did the past 10 months go?!  Back in September when my son was starting grade one, the summer seemed oh so far away. But here it is!

Although, I am excited at the thought of not making lunch and racing out the door at 9am, I am also a little afraid.

I’m a little afraid of all the time we will be spending together.  I’m afraid, the kids will squabble more, I’m afraid I won’t have enough playdates, or fun things to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so ready for the change in routine.  But, I’m just a little afraid.

But there is still one last lunch to make and rain boots to find.  So, I had better get to it!

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