What to do?

This week, the Monday Listicles is asking what adventures can you do close to home.  Living in Vancouver offers us so many opportunities, so I will just list those that we like:

  1.  Hit the beach – which one?  Any!  We are lucky to have so many choices so  close to us
  2. Drive to Whistler – it takes less than 2 hours and there is so much to do there any time of the year
  3. Explore the trails on the UBC Endowment Lands
  4. Have a coffee, or two, or three – I think Vancouver has more coffee shops than people
  5. Drive South of the border – Point Roberts is a quaint little place (that is in the US and you can only get to by going through Canada) and it takes about 40 minutes to get there from our house
  6. Go out for dinner – we have so many great restaurants that there is something for everyone
  7. Check out Stanley Park: ride the train, bike the seawall or go to the Aquarium
  8. Try a craft beer – there are so many new breweries popping up
  9. Granville Island – the market, the shops, the restaurants, the view, etc, etc..
  10. Our three local mountains; ski or hike depending on the season

We were lucky enough to spend our this past weekend in the San Juan Islands which is South of the border and about 2 hours from home for us.  Such a sweet spot and I am so glad we got to go there.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!


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