He’s Back…!!!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s the time when our little Elf on the Shelf returns and boy, could I use his help.  Our little elf came into our lives two years ago, and the kids named him Rex (not sure how that came about).  Since then, they talk about Rex during the year and anxiously await his arrival on December 1st.


So, in just 3 short sleeps, Rex will be once again here to make life at our house a little easier for the next month.  Or will he make things easier?  I know a lot of families don’t want to resort to using this type of help.  They feel it’s a little sneaky and isn’t in the true spirit of Christmas.  That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion and each family has to do what  is right for them.

But I know that it’s fun for my family.  The kids are excited to wake up each morning and search for which spot Rex has landed in overnight.  I have used Pinterest in the past for ideas on what to do with Rex. There are so many fun and cheeky ideas, like these:


(pinterest images)

If it makes it easier for me to get them to think about their manners, sharing, not yelling, getting along, et cetera then I am going to take the help.  It takes a village to raise a child and I am going to use the village of the North Pole to help me in December.

Besides, I think this little elf idea is fun. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and find an elf in the sugar bowl, or the bathroom, or swinging from a light? 😊


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