50 days of no grey

To try and wear no grey for 50 days……

Simply Said…

I was playing around with some tools to create graphics and decided to print one of my favourite quotes (or is it a saying?).  When we are goofing around and laughing about something we have said or done, we often use this saying.

This first graphic is from Pinstamatic and it was pretty easy to use.

how you see yourself

This one was made on Pinwords.  This site is ridiculously simple and easy to use.

how you see yourself

And lastly, Quozio helped me create this:

how you see yourself quote

All three of these sites were so easy to use.  Now that I’ve found these sites, I think I’ll post a quote every week just to have some fun.  How do you see me now?


Fun Graphic Shirts

Graphic tees have been fashionable for years now and while I don’t own many myself, I admire them greatly.  I’ve come across some that have made me smile. I should wear this shirt every morning:

Coffee First

Ok, But First Coffee

My sister found this one and I should probably wear it every few days:

nothing to wear

I have Nothing to Wear

No more babies in our household, but I thought it would make a cute gift:


Hello, I’m new here

I found this at Marshall’s and didn’t buy it.  But it’s cute and fun and the blue is a nice pop of colour:

Big Blue Heart

Big Blue Heart

I really like the arrows and the fact they are on a grey t-shirt, well…why not?

arrows easy


This one makes me laugh out loud:

harvard law just kidding

Harvard Law – just kidding

This shirt caught my eye, because some days you feel…

part wolf

Part Wolf

I think I’ll put some new t-shirts on my shopping list.  Will you?

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Pinned & Tried

As I type this, I’m wondering if the title should be Pinned & Tried & Failed.  Keep reading to find out why. I scooped this old steamer style trunk off my parents a couple years ago.  My Dad was given it in the early 60s and it had not been used in years.  As a result, it smelled.  Bad.  Musty.  I tried keeping holiday decorations in the trunk, but they all came out smelling bad and musty. IMG_6058 IMG_6051 So, being the true pinner that I am, I knew there had to be a pin-solution for me.  It didn’t take me long to find this : de5cdb5672e0be47e36a816a760047fd Direct from Apartment Therapy were also these helpful tips.   Some of these things I did try:

  1. airing outside in the sun
  2. baking soda – boxes of the stuff
  3. coffee grounds – more than Starbucks could imagine
  4. vinegar
  5. old newspapers (?)

I didn’t try the kitty litter, because it was just too late for me.  I was tired of trying different methods with no results and I needed to use the trunk. So, I decided to go hard core.  What is hard core you ask?  Paint.  Leftover Benjamin Moore Simply White in semi-gloss. IMG_6061 I had hesitated going this route as I would have to paint over the paper lining and it seemed harsh.  However, I soon got over my guilt and proceeded.  It wasn’t my best paint job.  I barely cut into the corners and I slapped on 3 coats as quickly as the paint would dry.   But you know what?  It worked!! This lovely old steamer trunk has the fresh true smell of paint which is much much better than the old musty smell it had been carrying around for years. So unfortunately, this is one pin that didn’t work out.  On the positive side, I now have a trunk that won’t make my holiday decorations smell and that’s a good thing! linking up with: Thrifty Decor ChickThe Happy HousieThe Jenny EvolutionThe Pin JunkieTiny SidekickSweet Haute


Gray…It’s Not Just Me

If you don’t know Melinda Maria you should get to know her. A jewelry designer from Spokane, WA Melinda lives in L.A. and has created some of the coolest pieces of jewelry I’ve ever seen. Her pieces are worn by celebrities and non-celebs (like me) and they go with everything…yes, even gray. In fact, I think they go especially nicely with gray. And that’s not the only cool thing about her! In a recent Instagram post, Melinda shared her fondness for my fave color while giving us a peek at a few of her gorgeous bangles. 2015/01/img_3950.png I first discovered her work in InStyle magazine YEARS ago when I ripped out a pic of a ring worn by Mila Kunis. I carried that page around with me for a couple of years until one day I spotted that same ring on a good friend of mine. Turns out, she went to school with Melinda and is still friendly with her today! I immediately bought that ring for myself and over the last few years have added to my MM collection. Thanks to my friend I got to meet her one day last year when she was in town for her launch at Nordstrom. It was pleasant, though not unexpected, to find out she is really cool…just like gray. linking up with: The Pleated PoppyGet Your Pretty OnBecause Shanna Said SoWhat Wives WearOn the Daily ExpressHappiness at Midlife


Plays Well With…

The start of a new year, new resolutions and the announcement of the Color of The Year by Pantone. And the winner is…Marsala!
MarsalaOh, InStyle, it’s like you knew I needed this announcement. Granted, I’m late reading the issue but worth the wait! Last year’s color was Radiant Orchid, a lovely purplish shade but not me in the least. The year before it was Emerald. Again, pretty, but not in my wardrobe vocabulary. Okay, not much color is in in my wardrobe vocab but you get the idea…

2015’s color is so much more my speed! Now, the fine print says it goes well with navy, black and even mustard. Mustard? Who wears that? Who wears it successfully?

If you know me, you know what I’m thinking! Marsala plays well with grey!

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Top 5 pins

As you know, I am a huge Pinterest fan.  So, I thought I would round out 2014 with some of the top pins from our 50 Days of No Grey Pinterest board:

  1. calm beautiful living room

    Beautiful calm living room

  2. casual outfit

    Casual easy to wear outfit

  3. Fall outfit, plaid

    Easy Fall outfit

  4. family room

    Love the light in this living and family room space

  5. hockey puck gift

    Hockey Puck gift idea

Hope you have liked this roundup. Follow us: 

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My 5 favourite things to watch

There are a few holiday shows, songs and videos that I love to watch over holidays. So, in no particular order here are my top 5 favourites:

  • The Holiday – what is not to love about this romantic comedy with two great leading ladies.


  • The Year Without a Santa Claus – hello, Snow Miser and Heat Miser?  My kids are now not afraid of Heat Miser and they think it is the funniest song of all time.
  • Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – thank you to the writers of this song for giving our family a theme song for Christmas. To hear it, click 
  • Elf – Will Farrell is just hilarious


  • So, this is Christmas by John Lennon – it is just a classic. Enough said.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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Let it snow!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, I mean rainy.

But the fire is so delightful, oh yes it is.

And since we’ve no place to go (who doesn’t have things to do this time of year?)

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

Ok, so it doesn’t rhyme.  It’s hard to make a cute little ditty about the rain at Christmas.  So instead, I will show you what I have been wearing:

Me, my boyfriend jeans and Blundstones.

Me, my boyfriend jeans and Blundstones.

Shades of grey, of course.

Just a peak of plaid.

Just a peak of plaid.

I’ve been wearing this plaid scarf frequently almost every day.  It adds a pop of colour to my grey wardrobe and our grey rainy weather.  I think it would look great in the snow.  Don’t you?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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Friday’s Fun Finds

Hello! I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve started and stopped a few posts with the intention of getting back to it later…

So, instead of a wordy post, I thought I would just post pictures of fun things I have found recently.

This blue cart from Ikea is the best. I would buy it, if I just knew where to put it.


Also at IKEA, were grey pillows!! Many shades of grey! I’m sure I could find a bed or couch in the house that needs a new pillow, couldn’t I?


This rocket style desk light would be cool in any kid’s room.


My next stop was my local upscale dollar store where I saw these great plaid stockings for only $7 each!!


Last but not least, are these owls. I’m seeing owls everywhere and these two might have to make it into my Christmas decor this year.




Hope you also have some fun finds this week!

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4 Shades of Grey

I had an hour at the mall the other day and since I had not been in to Banana Republic in quite a long time, I decided to see what they had.  Well, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of things to try on.


If you are thinking you are seeing shades of grey, you are correct! I have to admit, I couldn’t help myself.  All of these tops were crying out for me to try them on.  Unfortunately, only one of them made it home. Which one?

Well, this one looked better on the hanger than it did on me.  I loved this sweater, but it was too heavy and warm and I knew I would never wear it.  Lastly, the top on the far right didn’t fit me quite right.

So this one was the winner.  The zippers made it fun and it fit really well, too.

Surprisingly, it’s the first grey top I have bought in a while.  I’ve been perusing the flyers and reading the style notes in the magazines, and it looks like grey isn’t going anywhere for a while.  So, I might as well embrace it.  Are you?

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