50 days of no grey

To try and wear no grey for 50 days……

Hello, Fall!

We haven’t done a Monday Listicles in a while, so when we saw this week’s topic, we couldn’t resist!

Who doesn’t love Fall ?  As I look outside my window at the sunshine and the ever changing leaves on the trees, I think it is my favourite season.

My sister and I are sharing this list and here are her top 5 favourite things about Fall:

  1. Sunny days with cool temperatures
  2. Leaves changing colour
  3. A fire in the fireplace
  4. Breaking out my sweaters and boots!
  5. Roasted squash soup

My top 5:

  1. The angle of the sun and the light it creates
  2. Clothes; plaid, boots, scarves, down jackets, vests, etc!
  3. More red wine than white
  4. Rainy days (yes, I did say that)
  5. Hockey

Hope all of you are also enjoying Fall wherever you may be!




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Back to School – finally!

I know you are probably reading this title and wondering, is this woman a little slow to post?   Has she just returned from a fantastic trip to Europe?  Has she completely lost track of time?

No, she hasn’t done any of those things.  She (me) has just survived the 100 Days of Summer.  Huh?

Here in British Columbia (BC), our government and teachers were unable to come to terms with their contract and thus, in June the teachers went on strike.  June 13th was suddenly our last day of school.  After 100 days and many negotiations, everyone went back to school yesterday!  And that my friends is how we ended up with 100 Days of Summer.

Today is the first full day of school and we, I’m pretty sure I speak for the entire province, are pretty darn happy!

Here’s what I wore:


Black t-shirt, army green boyfriend pants and my new fav leopard slip on runners (in the style of Vans).  I thought it was a fun and stylish way to start the new school year  –  finally!!




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Mini me

My daughter is 5 and a little bit of a clothes horse. I don’t encourage or discourage her fashion sense, but I might ooh and aww just a little bit when she wears something I think is cute. On alternate days, I might also try to teach her about matching (to no avail).

She is very lucky to receive clothes from my sister’s two girls. A couple times a year, large bags of clothes arrive in various sizes and mostly bright cheerful colours. It’s like Christmas and a birthday all at once as we pull out each item and try it on.

I’m also lucky to have a friend who often passes along her daughter’s too small clothes. Just last week, my friend brought over a bag filled to the brim. She said, “I picked out some things that I thought you would like. Hmmm… What did that mean?



Yup, those clothes are several shades of grey.  Grey or gray, however you like to spell it, my friend thinks I like grey.  It’s not that she’s wrong, but I thought it was interesting that she gave my daughter grey clothes.  Which I’m guessing means that my friend wears a lot of grey, and so does her daughter, and so on, and so on.

Does your daughter wear grey?

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What’s For Dinner?

It’s kinda sad, but I feel so accomplished when I use the slow cooker and am not scrambling to figure out dinner at 5 o’clock when everyone is hungry and needs to be somewhere. Tonight we’re going with pulled pork (couldn’t get any easier) which I will turn into sliders or tacos depending on what everyone wants.

I’m blending a Betty Crocker recipe I found online with a different recipe I found on 100 Days of Real Food. Here is the spice rub I put on the pork shoulder. It was pretty simple: paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder and thyme.

It looks like this when you rub it into the meat.

It sits on top of cut onion and I’m going to add a half-cup of water, set the cooker on high and let it go. Fingers crossed!

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Eleven years ago Oprah Winfrey featured initial charm necklaces by Helen Ficalora (www.helenficalora.com). I fell in love and treated myself to an S charm in honor of my first daughter. Since then I have added an E and have introduced a few more people, including my sister, to these charms. Several companies have since produced similar lines but I love that these were most likely the originals (at least as far as I know). I wear it every day on the original chain.
Recently I got remarried and my thoughtful sister sent me a gift to complement my charms and pay tribute to my new hub. Courtesy of Stella and Dot, she bought me a charm in his birthstone. I LOVE it!
Nice work, sis! She’s awesome.


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Fall for Grey or Grey for Fall ?

It’s hard to believe, but Fall is just around the corner.  Here in beautiful BC, we are still having summer weather.  The sun is a little lower in the sky and the morning and evening temperatures have a coolness in them, but the days are incredibly warm!

I’m still wearing cotton pants, t-shirts and even shorts during the day.  So, I can’t quite get my head around sweaters, boots and scarves just yet.  That said, I am seeing all lots of ads for Fall clothes; the plaids, blacks, jewel tones, and of course…grey!

The Bay and Banana Republic caught my eye with these:

IMG_6723 IMG_6726 IMG_6740

I love the looks I am seeing.  Grey and greige together look so classic and timeless.  There will definitely be a few new pieces in these colours heading to my closet in the next few months.

Looking back, I think there is a reason we did our 50 days of no grey challenge in the Spring, because it would be way too hard to try and not wear grey in the Fall.

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New School and What I Wore

What to wear to show up at my youngest daughter’s new school for pickup?
Should I revert to my old lululemon pants and a shirt or develop a new rep that doesn’t include the word sweatpants?
This is what we’re going with today:


Love my Citizens of Humanity boyfriend jeans…probably a little too much. At least today I don’t look like a mom who dressed like she was going to workout but didn’t go near a gym.

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Wedding Wear

It has been a busy few weeks for those of us at 50 Days of No Grey.  The BIG news was…a wedding!!

My sister remarried just over a week ago and below are just a few pictures of the day.

First up of course, is what we wore.  I’m in stripes (from the Gap) and she’s the one in the wedding dress – isn’t she lovely?




Their daughters looked great in their pale pink dresses all in different styles:


Lastly, the decor was rustic and simply elegant.


All in all, it was a beautiful day – Congrats!


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Old Navy, New Grey

I have to admit that lately Old Navy is surprising me.  Everytime I go in there (which is often), I find cute tshirts, well fitting shorts and reasonably priced summer dresses, not to mention the great clothes for kids.

But this time, I think they know me, I mean really know me. This email from Old Navy arrived in my in box last week:

Old Navy Grey is the New Blue unnamed-1


and then a few days later, this one arrived:



Hello ?  If this isn’t a sign that I need a pair of grey jeans, then I don’t know what is.  I guess I had better go shopping because apparently, there is a shade of grey for everyone :)


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Black, White or Orange ?

I’m usually a little late to the fashion party, and the maxi skirt is no exception.  However, a few weeks ago, I finally did arrive at the party with a newly purchased maxi skirt.  It felt great when I tried it on and I quickly bought it (before I hesitated and changed my mind).  For its trial run, I decided to wear it for dinner out with my husband last week.  It was a fairly warm evening, so I decided to go casual and picked a t-shirt to go with it.   True to my usual form, I played it safe and tried on a white tee and a long necklace.

IMG_6735It looked ok, but it just didn’t feel right.  Have you ever heard someone say a white t-shirt doesn’t feel right?

Since it was evening, I reached for my black shirt.IMG_6736


I kept the same long necklace and my new sandals from DSW (rumour has it they are coming to Canada!!) and with the simple change of t-shirt, I felt better.

Sometimes you just have to go with black and I’m glad I did.

My only exception is when you are looking for a pair of Native shoes.  These fun shoes are an alternative to those other rubber shoes, come in all colours and about four different styles.  My kids have been wearing them for a couple of years and this year I decided that I wanted needed a pair.  My hunt has taken me all over Vancouver and to no avail.  My size is SOLD OUT in every colour, except:




Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The one time that I am not looking for black and that is the only colour I can find.  What does that tell you about how women wear fun shoes in Vancouver ?  ;)

I was tempted to buy them just so I could have a pair, but I held off as I am prepared to wait for the stores to restock.  I’m hoping to end up with a pair of turquoise blue or blue grey or yellow or orange ?

Maybe I should go with orange?  It’s the new black, haven’t you heard ?


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