50 days of no grey

To try and wear no grey for 50 days……

Let it snow!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, I mean rainy.

But the fire is so delightful, oh yes it is.

And since we’ve no place to go (who doesn’t have things to do this time of year?)

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

Ok, so it doesn’t rhyme.  It’s hard to make a cute little ditty about the rain at Christmas.  So instead, I will show you what I have been wearing:

Me, my boyfriend jeans and Blundstones.

Me, my boyfriend jeans and Blundstones.

Shades of grey, of course.

Just a peak of plaid.

Just a peak of plaid.

I’ve been wearing this plaid scarf frequently almost every day.  It adds a pop of colour to my grey wardrobe and our grey rainy weather.  I think it would look great in the snow.  Don’t you?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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Friday’s Fun Finds

Hello! I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve started and stopped a few posts with the intention of getting back to it later…

So, instead of a wordy post, I thought I would just post pictures of fun things I have found recently.

This blue cart from Ikea is the best. I would buy it, if I just knew where to put it.


Also at IKEA, were grey pillows!! Many shades of grey! I’m sure I could find a bed or couch in the house that needs a new pillow, couldn’t I?


This rocket style desk light would be cool in any kid’s room.


My next stop was my local upscale dollar store where I saw these great plaid stockings for only $7 each!!


Last but not least, are these owls. I’m seeing owls everywhere and these two might have to make it into my Christmas decor this year.




Hope you also have some fun finds this week!

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4 Shades of Grey

I had an hour at the mall the other day and since I had not been in to Banana Republic in quite a long time, I decided to see what they had.  Well, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of things to try on.


If you are thinking you are seeing shades of grey, you are correct! I have to admit, I couldn’t help myself.  All of these tops were crying out for me to try them on.  Unfortunately, only one of them made it home. Which one?

Well, this one looked better on the hanger than it did on me.  I loved this sweater, but it was too heavy and warm and I knew I would never wear it.  Lastly, the top on the far right didn’t fit me quite right.

So this one was the winner.  The zippers made it fun and it fit really well, too.

Surprisingly, it’s the first grey top I have bought in a while.  I’ve been perusing the flyers and reading the style notes in the magazines, and it looks like grey isn’t going anywhere for a while.  So, I might as well embrace it.  Are you?


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Colour Me Happy ?

We have all heard how colour (or color for our American readers) can influence your life.  There are books, articles and many theories about the psychology of colour.  Red in the dining room, lavender or pale colours in a bedroom and yellow for energy are all supposed to help us eat, sleep and live better lives.

I found this graphic on Pinterest and unfortunately, I cannot find the original source.  If you know it, please pass it along to me.

Immediately, I looked at the meaning of the colour grey (or gray) and I wasn’t surprised by what I saw.



The positives of grey are reliable, solid and intelligent.  The cons were gloomy, sad and conservative.  All true, dontcha think?  When we first started this blog it was because we were feeling sad and gloomy from wearing grey or gray all Fall and Winter.  Another one of my fav colours is turquoise, but I was surprised when it showed one of the negatives of the colour as envy.  Too close to green, I guess.  Tan/Beige have similar characteristics to grey, so I’ll try and stay away from those shades.   The colours of silver, gold and white only show positives, so maybe I should wear more of those?

After searching around, I saw this info graphic about the colour of your door.



My door is black and I have a couple, but not all of the strengths of a black door owner.  Those of you with grey doors are solid, calm, cool and collected.

Sounds like it is better to have a grey door than a grey wardrobe.  At least I’m doing something right.  ;)

Have fun checking your colours!

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I’ll never forget…

It’s Wednesday and we are just getting around to posting this week’s Monday Listicle.   Our assignment ?  A list of 10 things you will never forget.

Wow – that is a big topic to just put into a few lines, but with my sister’s help, we have narrowed it down to five each and here we go:

Sister’s List (in her words):

  1. The day I found out my ex-husband was cheating on me. (is that too
    heavy for this list…haha?)
  2. The days each of my two daughters was born.
  3. Meeting the five women who would become my first friends in Seattle and
    still are today.
  4. The best laugh I shared with my new husband when we were first dating.
  5. How hard I cried the day my favorite cat died.


My List:

  1. My first trip to Europe –  with my sister when we were twenty-something and it was pretty impressive
  2. The birth of both of my kids – this is an obvious one
  3. Everything about my husband’s and my first dog – adoption, her life, death and everything in between.    Greatest. Dog. Ever.
  4. Buying my first condo at age 26.  Something most “kids” in this crazy city will never be able to do because it is so freakin’ expensive.
  5. Finally hitting 10km on a run – I felt like I could say I was a runner.


What would be on your list?

Mesa ball in mouth



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If You Make It They Will Buy It (at least I will)

In Europe and the United States, surveys show that grey is the color most commonly associated with conformity, boredom, uncertainty, old age, indifference, and modesty. Only one percent of respondents chose it as their favorite color. (source: Wikipedia)

Clearly, my sister and I beg to differ. My biggest problem with gray is sometimes confusing the difference in how Canadians and Americans spell the word. Other than that I’m all good.

Take these boots for example:

grey bootDo they scream conformist? Do you yawn with boredom looking at them? Is there anything old age-like about them? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions feel free to go surf elsewhere.

I found these boots at Nordstrom a few days ago. They are by KBR (Italian brand I’ve never heard of and more reasonably priced than I’d expect an Italian brand to be). Perfect for fall in my opinion!

Followed those up with a pair of Genetic denim dark gray skinnies. Sooo comfortable and on the clearance rack at Nordstrom, too! Because I’m happy (insert Pharrell Williams tune here).

gray geneticFinally, after seeing so many magazine spreads showing the new slouchy sweatpants in dressier fabrics I made a quick run into J Crew where I scored (well, had to order in my size) a pair of…wait for it…gray flannel slouchy sweatpants! Sooo comfy plus they look cool with heels or boots or maybe even a cute tennis shoe? (that’s “runners” in my homeland).

gray sweatThe picture isn’t flattering. I get that. But trust me, like your fave Lululemons only you can wear them out to dinner!

Anyways, long story short, for me gray is anything but boring. Thank you, thank you to those designers that keep churning it out. As long as they do, I’ll keep buying it.


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It’s Everywhere!

Plaid.  It’s everywhere and I love it!

Maybe it’s my Irish/English/Scottish heritage that draws me to it.   Maybe it signifies Fall, warm clothes and coziness.   Maybe it’s because it is being featured everywhere in magazines and lifestyle TV for both your wardrobe and your home.

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but this year I am especially loving plaid. So much so, that I just bought this:


and this:



Both of these items are from Superstore – Joe Fresh.  The shirt fits great and surprise, it’s not grey!  Ok, well, there is a little grey stripe in the pattern, but it’s not entirely grey.  What surprised me was they were both predominantly red, which is so unlike me!

I wanted to use some plaid in the house to make things feel like Fall and I saw this sheet set, also at Superstore:


They werent quite the right colours, so I didn’t buy it.  But I’m on the hunt for a plaid blanket for the family room in greys and blues – wish me luck.

Lastly, this is a bold move, but I saw this wallpaper and thought how fun would this be in a powder room or a rustic cottage bathroom:



So that’s my plaid update this week.   Hope you have put some plaid into your life, too!

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Favourite Pins

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest.   I pin and pin and pin, and sometimes I actually try out my pins.

This week at the Monday Listicles, we were asked for our top 10 favourite pins.  I know its Friday and I’m a little late this week, but since I love to pin, I had to put up this list.

Joining me again for this list is my sister and here are 5 of her favourite pins:


most re-pinned of all her pins original source unavailable


Favourite flowers and the cover page for her pin board of Things that make me happy

Super easy yummy recipe that most of the family likes.

Super easy yummy recipe that most of the family likes.

Happy Place! Campbell's Resort, Lake Chelan

Happy Place!
Campbell’s Resort, Lake Chelan

Laugh out Loud!  Because we love Target!!

Laugh out Loud! Because we love Target!!

And to round out our top 10, here are 5 of my favourite pins:

Because I love all things leopard.

Because I love all things leopard.

Love this whole outfit.

Love this whole outfit.

I would love to have a basket of tulips one day!

I would love to have a basket of tulips one day!

I have made this salad many times and love it!

I have made this salad many times and love it!

One of the first kitchens I ever pinned and I still love it.

One of the first kitchens I ever pinned and I still love it.

Hope you have enjoyed these pins as much as we have.  Have a great weekend and Happy Pinning!

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Hello, Fall!

We haven’t done a Monday Listicles in a while, so when we saw this week’s topic, we couldn’t resist!

Who doesn’t love Fall ?  As I look outside my window at the sunshine and the ever changing leaves on the trees, I think it is my favourite season.

My sister and I are sharing this list and here are her top 5 favourite things about Fall:

  1. Sunny days with cool temperatures
  2. Leaves changing colour
  3. A fire in the fireplace
  4. Breaking out my sweaters and boots!
  5. Roasted squash soup

My top 5:

  1. The angle of the sun and the light it creates
  2. Clothes; plaid, boots, scarves, down jackets, vests, etc!
  3. More red wine than white
  4. Rainy days (yes, I did say that)
  5. Hockey

Hope all of you are also enjoying Fall wherever you may be!





Back to School – finally!

I know you are probably reading this title and wondering, is this woman a little slow to post?   Has she just returned from a fantastic trip to Europe?  Has she completely lost track of time?

No, she hasn’t done any of those things.  She (me) has just survived the 100 Days of Summer.  Huh?

Here in British Columbia (BC), our government and teachers were unable to come to terms with their contract and thus, in June the teachers went on strike.  June 13th was suddenly our last day of school.  After 100 days and many negotiations, everyone went back to school yesterday!  And that my friends is how we ended up with 100 Days of Summer.

Today is the first full day of school and we, I’m pretty sure I speak for the entire province, are pretty darn happy!

Here’s what I wore:


Black t-shirt, army green boyfriend pants and my new fav leopard slip on runners (in the style of Vans).  I thought it was a fun and stylish way to start the new school year  –  finally!!




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