To Dress or Not to Dress?

A wise friend once said to me “Three things tell the truth: wine, young children and leggings.”

My sister, the person who introduced me to Lululemon 13 years ago, declared a couple years back that she was going to make an effort to get dressed (meaning no yoga pants) every day and she politely suggested I do the same. I thought she was on to something so I, too, decided that I would put together actual outfits that don’t consist of stretchy fabric and athletic shoes.

I don’t know about you but attempting to be stylish can be exhausting some days.

Do I attempt Stitch Fix again for inspiration or go with tried and true denim? Love these jeans, btw, C of H Emerson Skinny Boyfriend.

Do I throw in my fave camo t-shirt or a cozy sweatshirt?

Something a little dressier?

I LOVE fake layering!

And then there’s which shoes to wear with what. I love flats and sneakers but feel better in even the slightest heel.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that these decisions¬†are high-grade problems and I’m thankful to have them!

Today, however, I couldn’t decide. See photo below… ūüėā. Sorry, sis.

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Joe & Tell

If there’s one trend that seems to come back each Fall and Winter, it’s plaid. But plaid has a cousin and that cousin is buffalo check! ¬†What’s not to love about¬†either pattern when it shows so well in red and black?

So, here is my version of the classic show and tell using the items from Joe Fresh (Superstore or Loblaws). ¬†They are completed stocked full with options (let’s call it¬†updated plaid) and here is what I found¬†in store last week:

These adorable slip on booties/slippers for babies and toddlers.  How cute!


This dress would look great with black tights or leggings and booties, wouldn’t it?


And if you didn’t wan to wear red and black plaid, you could carry it!


This bomber style jacket would be a fun way to add a little colour and style while keeping warm.


Lastly, these duck boots were under $50 and were very warm and comfortable. ¬†I probably wouldn’t wear them in the rain, but they would be great for cold weather.

I have to admit I didn’t buy a thing! ¬†But I could always go back for that tote and maybe the dress…and….more!

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Black Friday Wish List





It’s that time of the year! ¬†Major sale time! ¬†It’s hard to believe that prices can be so rock bottom, isn’t it?

On Black Friday 2015, or was it Cyber Monday….I bought a rug from Rugs USA for about 70% less than the regular price. ¬†That was an amazing deal and I still love the rug!

This year I don’t need a rug, but I’ve got my eye on a few¬†things.

This reversible tote bag:



A pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses:


This pair of booties – and they are waterproof:


A basic but classic trench coat:


Lastly, this pair of jeans:


There are so many things to choose from! ¬†I’ve also got my eye on some books, a few home decor items and a few things for the kids.

Will you be hitting up the sales this year?  Please let me know what you buy!

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ÔĽŅHello….Stitch Fix!

On the retail front, things were a little low here in Canada after Target left. ¬†Although, nothing will ever replace Target, we now have DSW, J Crew, Nordstorm, Famous Footwear and a few other retail darlings. ¬†What we don’t¬†have though, is¬†Stitch Fix.

My sister who lives in the States had ordered a couple of times and really liked the service. ¬†She wrote about her boxes here¬†and here. ¬† To say I was jealous, was an understatement. ¬†I was reading bloggers who raved about their boxes and the awesome stylists that Stitch Fix employed. ¬†So, after lamenting for the umpteenth time to my sister, she suggested she order one for me. ¬†I would fill out the questionnaire and it would be mailed to her house. ¬†Easy peasy. ¬†Yes and no. ¬†The questions were easy, but I messed up her address (just by a few houses), so there was a small address correction I had to take care of. ¬†Then, we had to figure out how to get it to me. ¬†Hmmm….

When it arrived at her house, I made her open it and we FaceTimed while she tried on the most of the pieces. ¬†I was interested in what I saw and she was quite enthusiastic about what was in my box. ¬†But I still had to get it and we had to send back the pieces I didn’t want, so she mailed it to a border town close to me. ¬†Most of us along the 49th parallel, have had parcels ship from the States to us, but the cost of shipping, duty, taxes and the time…well, sometimes it isn’t worth it. ¬†Enter in the border towns and parcel shipping. ¬†Lots of small towns along the Canada US border have parcel shipping / receiving companies and a lot of us Canadian drive less than an hour to pick up items we have purchased online from the States. ¬†It’s really quite simple and doesn’t take too much time.

So, when I received notification that my box had arrived I set out to get it.  In less than 45 minutes, I saw this:


Then, I saw this:


I wasn’t prepared to try on my items in the parking lot, so I headed to the beach where there was not a soul around. ¬†No one. ¬†Just me and a deserted beach in November.

First up, this lovely on trend scarf:


I don’t have anything like it, it wasn’t too big or too heavy. ¬†So, I kept it!

Next, this grey cardigan:



Cute hoodie, eh?  It was soft, grey and fit just right.  So, I kept it!

Next was this top:


It is a classic baseball style shirt which is dark grey with black sleeves. ¬†But there’s a twist…


How cute is that elbow patch? ¬†So cute! ¬†But the neckline was too wide and it didn’t feel comfortable, so I put it in the return bag.

Next up was this top:


I thought this top was great. ¬†It was soft, fit well, but I didn’t love all the stripes – on me! ¬† It also went back in the bag.

Lastly, was a pair of DL 1961 Cherise Skinny jeans.  I had never tried this brand before, but both my sister and blogger Jo-Lynne Shane have raved about them, so I was excited they were in my box.   They were soft and they fit well, but they were a little big and I could feel them stretching out as I walked around.  Sadly, I said good bye to the DL 1961 jeans until next time.


Overall, I was so happy with my Stitch Fix box. ¬†It is really not that¬†inconvenient to drive across the border, pick it up and try on your clothes at the beach. ¬†The beach in November makes for an interesting background, doesn’t it?

Would I do it again?  Probably. Maybe.  Yes.  For sure!!

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Will you keep ordering?  Please let me know in the comments.

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Pinned & Tried

Six months¬†ago, I sent my sister this picture with a text saying, “We need to get this vest.”


She quickly agreed, but neither of us purchased it.  As time passed, I often thought about buying that vest.  Instead of buying it, I randomly pinned images of how to wear it.  Like these:


Then one day, the vest happened upon me.  I was dropping off some donations at a thrift store and the woman in line ahead of me happened to be donating this:


When I had the chance, I asked for it.  Surprise, surprise, it was the elusive utility vest that I wanted, but never looked for.  The store offered it to me for $3!  How could I say no?

Fast forward a couple of days and voil√°:


I love the vest! ¬†It’s so easy to wear and style. ¬†I don’t do a lot of thrifting, but in this case I’m glad I was at the right place at the right time.

Yes, this is one successful Pinned & Tried!

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Joe & Tell

Another week and more groceries. Which means another browse around the Joe women’s clothing section at Superstore.

The department was packed with so many great things that I couldn’t just limit myself to one item this time.

So what did I find?

These booties came in both black and chestnut. ¬†Wouldn’t they look great with boyfriend or skinny jeans? ¬†The downside? ¬†They are not leather, but they are only $39.


I ‚̧ԳŹ slip ons and this pair did not disappoint. ¬†They were only $34! ¬†It’s hard to tell but they are navy blue with little white flecks. ¬†Could easily wear these with boyfriend or skinny jeans all season long.


Cigarette pants! ¬†I noticed these while I was in France this summer and wrote about them here. ¬†I apologize for the lighting – the fluorescent lights at Superstore don’t really lend themselves to great photos! ¬†These pants are more straight than skinny and hit right about at the ankle. ¬†A nice change from the everyday skinny jeans and only $34.

Could you see any of these items in your Fall wardrobe?  Let me know in the comments.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Joe & Tell!

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French Dressing for Fall


Just last week I stopped into Marshalls and was surprised to find a high end designer promotion in store. ¬†It was called the Red Carpet Event and it was showcasing all the¬†top brands. ¬†Of course, after my summer vacation I’ve still got French style on the brain, so I got a little caught up in finding all the French designers featured.

Here are a few things that I found:

Let’s start off with this Louis Vuitton wallet. ¬†Darling, isn’t it? ¬†It was priced around $199 which I thought was a relatively fair price for this piece. I have seen other designer wallets (Kate Spade and Coach) for similar prices, so this was inline with those brands.

Next up was this Givenchy bag. ¬†Isn’t it beautiful? ¬†Yes, it’s expensive, but I’m guessing it is¬†probably less than if you had purchased it at Nordstrom or Givenchy themselves. ¬†I’m not sure who would pay that much for a bag at Marshalls, but in case you are looking…

I would probably save this colour for Spring, but it is such a beautiful bag I might just carry it all year.

I had heard of Lanvin, but I wasn’t too familiar with the actual brand. ¬†This is one of the first high fashion houses of France and it was founded way back in 1889! ¬†This black quilted bag is such a classic and it’s a piece you could have for years and years. ¬†I can’t remember the price, but I think it was about the same as the Givenchy bag above.

The Saint Laurent items also carried a hefty price tag. Those cute little booties are $700 and the bag was close to $2,000. ¬†Wow. ¬†I’m always surprised when Marshalls has such high priced items, but those for are looking….

A little lower down the price chain and you will find these Aigle boots.  Angle means eagle in French and these little rain booties would be a great addition to your closet for those rainy days.  As you will see they had a floral pattern, a leaf pattern and plain beige all for under $100.

Still in the shoe department I found these:


These animal print slip ons were over $500 and wouldn’t they pair well with your new Givenchy bag ūüėČ

Oh, and if you have a really big budget, you might like these Celine flats in your closet:


A few rows over, but still in the shoe department and I found this pair:


I unfortunately forgot the name (oops), but they were a French brand.  Albeit a lower priced one as these brogues were only $70.  These could be fun with jeans or cigarette pants to dress up an outfit.  The blue colour was so rich and that bit of metal really caught my eye.

French dressing wouldn’t be complete without a hat or pair of sunglasses, so I found these:

The hat and glasses were all under $50 and by French brands.  Great accessories to add some French flavour to any outfit.

Lastly, the scent of a woman (did you ever see that movie?)…Ooh ahh!

Four different fragrances of Chloe all for $50.

With all these lovelies, you too can dress en fran√ßaise¬†for Fall ūüćĀ

C’est bon!

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